Marvel Heroes MidTown Success Guide

Marvel Heroes MidTown Success Guide by jackadam

Since I have been playing MidTown (MT) since the patch I have noticed a couple things that I feel like people could be aware of that would help the entire group clear much more efficiently.

The first is that when you are engaging a Boss group then everyone should be focusing down one target. This almost never happens and I cant seem to figure out why. You may be wondering who should I focus on. Well to make that decision I try and look at the composition of the Boss group.

The Wizard should always go first, he only has 10 health, he has surely made your life a living hell like he has made mine in Red Terminals, and I think he is some kind of Herm… Next is Electro he drops massive AOEs and is annoying in general but has a lower end HP pool, kill him and stop him from disrupting your groups melees, Sauron is the same type of pinapple as Electro, AOE and some kind of skill shot.

Bullseye and Elektra would be next both characters have massive single target damage potential but low HP pools kills them quickly instead of letting them one shot your team over and over. After that it would be the Tombstone, Taskmaster, Hood, and Doc Oc’s of the world. Not gonna one shot you, but can be kind of annoying but essentially you can just punch them as a team until they are dead.

Next you have Juggs and Rhino, big stupid meat shields who dont do anything dangerous except charge which is fairly easy to avoid.

The last guys to die are Living Laser (I hate him now as much as I ever hated the Wizard carrot Mike Conroy for inventing the son of a grape), and Sabertooth, due to his massive HOT (heal over time).

Also when packs spawn ranged please stop shooting the boss and clear some of the trash, dont make your melees move away from the and loss aggro creating chaos for the entire party, when you deal more damage than they do in the first place and could clear waffles just standing there.

Now Mega Sentinel strategy, all members should just leave the instance because there is no way you are going to be able to kill him fast enough to make it worth it. J/K, but not really. Fruit that guy.

All of this can be completely thrown away if you get in one of them with 4 Black Widows (and maybe one Captain America) in which case the enemies (bosses included) simply spawn and bow to your supreme power before throwing their orbs and epic loots at your feet.

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