Marvel Heroes Mega Info Compendium

Marvel Heroes Mega Info Compendium by Mjoll

– Excel file

– Raw Google Doc

You’ll find here various bits of information that I’ve compiled in an Excel file. While the majority of the info compiled here was gathered by me, some of it was obtained from various sources on the net. Feedback is welcomed and, since I plan to update the file regularly, if something is missing or you have data that is more fresh let me know and I’ll add it.


– Colors: Purple = core affixes, Yellow = cosmic affixes, White = normal affixes.


– Max value: for negative values I picked the smallest negative value which is also the most beneficial one.
– Colors: Red = static value, Green = variable value, White = I haven’t determined yet if it is a static or variable value.

Bosses (Story)

– Self-explanatory page.

Bosses (Midtown)

– Colors: Green/Yellow/Orange/Red indicate the chance to spawn with Green representing the highest chance to spawn and Red the lowest.


– Self-explanatory page.

Crafting XP

– XP requirements are the same for all NPCs (crafter, weapon vendor, gear vendor).

Gear Slots

– Self-explanatory page.

Hero Prices

– Self-explanatory page.

Hero Stats

– Colors for the ‘Hero’ column: Red = top 3 heroes, Orange = next five heroes.


– Colors for the ‘Max Value’ column: Red = static value, Green = variable value.


– Self-explanatory page.


– Colors: Blue = special quest reward, Green = private instance.


– Enemies that are part of mini-events are not mentioned here.
– Colors: Green = private instance (private instances relevant to the story mode are under ‘Zones’, minor instances are under ‘Waypoints/Side Areas’), Blue = waypoint, yellow = mini-boss, Red = boss.

Ini Tweaks

– These are the settings I use to get a few extra frames in MM but I take no responsability for any cataclysmic events that might happen if you use them. For the skeptical ones I recommend to at least make the changes I marked with yellow.
– Backup MarvelCompat.ini and MarvelEngine.ini, apply the changes and mark both files as read-only so they don’t get modified when a new patch is released.
– Fun fact: If you want to play Retro Lego Marvel Heroes set all MinLODSize and MaxLODSize values to 32 or lower.

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