Marvel Heroes Attack Speed Diminishing Returns Info

Marvel Heroes Attack Speed Diminishing Returns Info by JohnnyDesolation

This info is based on the current model and will be revamped if necessary when “attack speed becomes more desirable” @doomsaw

TLDR: DR on IAS is extraordinarily rough.

IAS (Increased Attack Speed) suffers dramatically from Diminishing Returns (DR), and i believe it has cumulative breakpoints for said DR as well. The first being at 14% and the second at 17%, the third at 20% and the last at 23% (i haven’t been able to get over 27% to test properly for yet another)..

I had a total of 15% on my costume. You want to take that at face value and believe that to be 15%, when in reality it’s 14% due to DR. Now lets factor in Encouraging shout. With buff at max level (we’ll say base of 20) it gives somewhere in the neighborhood of 15% IAS and MS (move speed) sustained and 25% IAS and MS with “boost”. With a max level ES on, i had a total of 24% IAS, during the boost, it was 27%.

So lets break it down:

Base IAS – 15% Reality IAS – 14%

Base with Shout – ~30% Reality with Shout – 22%

Base with Shout BOOST – 37% Reality with Shout BOOST – 27%

Also, I believe the DR on IAS to be GAME WIDE, so this information may be useful to you on other characters with similar situations as well.

Thanks for the read and hope it helps!

@ssphoenix Also added the following valuable info:

1.) Power Specific AS has a separate DR. So most effective attack speed stacking is getting both power specific and generic AS.

2.) AS only matters if the cast speed changes on the power. Sometimes you can increase your AS and it will have no effect on your powers. So double check the attack speed changes on your powers before committing to an attack speed upgrade. I’ve done major testing with Jean Grey.

@Enthar Also added the following valuable info:

I wanted to add some numbers that I found during some testing with Hulk Unbridled Rampage and different haste affixes. This may help if you’re trying to get a skill to a certain speed. You know what actual number you have to aim for to get to that next level.

Affix Attk Speed = Paperdoll Attk Speed

5% = 5%

12% = 12%

17% = 15%

20% = 18%

25% = 21%

32% = 25%

37% = 27%

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