Firefall Rhino Basic Guide

Firefall Rhino Basic Guide by Sanhar454

(note: this is not the only way to play Rhino but after testing I find it to be the best one at present)

Weapon: Laser HMG
Armor: Dreadnaught Armor
Passive: Resilient Plating
Ability 1: Heavy Armor
Ability 2: Repulsor Blast
Ability 3: Sundering Wave
HKM: Accord Mortar

Note: you want everything to at least level 2 ASAP. Improving Weapon, Armor and Passive should be your main priorities when researching – level 3 will be a big boost. You shouldn’t *need* level 4 for most purposes at this time. You don’t even really need 3 but it would help.

Strategy 1 (ranged gunfire): The Laser HMG is designed to operate at medium range. As such you will find that its damage will not start to drop off until a decent distance. Also note that its shots, being lasers, travel instantly. While there is for some reason still some bullet spread and seeming recoil the weapon is pretty accurate up to about 60 meters or so and will still hit at the maximum range of 80 meters if not altogether that often. So your main strategy will simply be shooting enemies at a fair distance, typically around 30 to 50 meters and backpedalling away from them. At these distances many ranged enemies will not be able to hit you properly due to bullet spread and even if they do they will not do full damage. Due to your high survivability (second only to the Mammoth) there’s really not a lot the enemy can do to you unless they close in on you; also use Heavy Armor as needed. If they close in on you, go to Strategy 2 (below).

Strategy 2 (defensive burst repelling AoE): when the enemy gets close, preferrably when there’s several near you (you may wish to advance towards them briefly to position yourself well) activate Sundering Wave and then Repulsor Blast in quick succession. This will cause your enemies to take significant damage (900+ at level 1 abilities) and to be knocked back significantly if there’s space for them to be so knocked back. You will want to start tracking them as they fall and try to kill them as they land (or before they do). Then start moving backwards again.

Strategy 3 (aggressive burst repelling AoE): this is the same as Strategy 2 only you’re planning on making this happen to the enemy in a precise way. This will often be done to surprise enemy groups, such as Chosen sitting in a watchtower control room or enemies clustered in an ARES mission. You will usually want to use Heavy Armor as well to help protect you as you close (usually jump) in.

Other notes:

a. Use Heavy Armor in conjunction with any of the above strategies as needed.
b. Using the Rhino secondary fire is generally not recommended as it eats ammo too fast and will leave you reloading at bad times.
c. Upgrading Repulsor Blast WILL make it blast enemies farther away but that’s only really helpful outdoors as walls will get in the way indoors. It will however increase its AoE reach which can be helpful; Sundering Wave benefits from this in the same way.
d. Upgrading Heavy Armor is highly recommended as it gets much stronger when levelled.

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