Neverwinter CW Oppressor Tanky Build Guide

Neverwinter CW Oppressor Tanky Build Guide by keltinblaze1

Disclaimer: I’m not stating this build is the best in any way, shape, or form. It is what “I” am using, and perfectly fits my play style, just wanting to share my build for others that may find this fitting to their play style as well.

Background: Hi, I’m Zhuge Liang from Dragon shard, guild leader of The Black Lotus. Today I’m sharing my build with all like minded CW’s and players curious about other varieties instead of the typical Thaum/Rene DPS Builds. I previously tried all builds available, even gemmed my gear accordingly to compliment the builds. They worked, they were nice, but they weren’t fit to my play style. So I planned further, and having experience from all end game content, specifically Castle Never, I optimized a build that works perfect for me. Aiming for High HP, Regeneration, Recovery, and AP Gain. Do note, that I am hardcore PvE, casually PvP (don’t find pvp as amusing in this game).

My current stats: 12,532 GS. 30,250 HP. 5,195 Recovery (49.3% Recharge, 39.8% AP Gain). 1,645 Defense (28.5% Damage Resistance, 10.7% Deflection). 1,601 Regeneration (11%).

Encounters and Passives for CN: Orb of Imposition and Chilling Presence. Repel on Tab – Chill Strike (will explain down further), Steal Time, Shield. I am generally the CW that Repels, due to doing more work than Shielding and I enjoy the weight.

Ability Scores: CON + WIS

Build Link: Zhuge Liang’s Oppressor

Armor & Weapon: Currently, I’m using the best gear available for this build. Full High Vizier Set (high recovery + regeneration) All defense slots are R8 Radiant, All offense slots are R7 Silvery. Ancient Orb + Talisman (Regeneration)

Neck/Rings/Belt: Ancient Slavemaster’s Necklace of Control with R7 Silvery – x2 Ancient Priest’s Ring of Burning Light with R8 Radiant – Ancient Excorcist’s Belt of Blessings with R8 Radiant.

Companion: Currently using Cat, x2 R8 Arcane in offense slots for +220 recovery each – x1 R8 Profane in defense slot for +220 Defense – Ancient Slavemaster’s Necklace of Control with R7 Silvery – Searing Belt (295 Regeneration) with R7 Azure (+185 Defense) – Seal of The Executioner (478 Regeneration) with R7 Silvery (+185 Recovery)

Chill Strike in CN (Draco): If you’re following this build, and using the High Vizier set. I highly recommend you use Chill Strike on your Encounters (not Tab) whether you are the CW that is Shielding or Repelling. While knocking ads off and gathering the red wizard’s together, you can still spam Chill Strike as soon as it comes off cooldown to keep a minimum of 3 stacks (vizier set bonus) on Draco, if both CW’s use Chill Strike, you can keep 6 stacks up constantly, allowing your team to down Draco in 5-10 minutes. I can “try” to make a video of how I do Draco with my guild, showing my play style and tactics (though I’m not so good and clueless on how to make videos)

Additional Info: This build is primarily built for Castle Never’s Dracolich. It still works wonders in T1’s and T2’s but I specifically focused on CN because I only farm CN. The key behind this build is staying alive, being able to tank a stack of 2 hands and surviving (haven’t tried 3 yet), moving around with high mobility, because you have to get red wizard’s gathered up to repel/shield them off, and never wiping, unless forced to. I 100% successfully farm CN with ease, no problems at all. The only “con” to this build, would be if I were the last one alive, I’d have to wipe myself due to lack of DPS.

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