Lunaria Story Star Palace 1 to 200 Guide

Lunaria Story Star Palace 1 to 200 Guide by Aelissa

General info:

First with star palace, I always do with 40-45% buff, 45% preferred. You can build buff at combo king instance, or mobs on world close to your level that you can one shot.

Second, I always have pet out and trained for that day, as well as wings trained up as much as can.

Third, biggest trick in palace is to NOT get hit. Do not clutter your seals, wings, wedding rings or seals with mdef/pdef. They are better suited for your attack and accuracy gems. The mobs will generally break into two groups, one will come if you stand at top of stairs, kite them back and forth from far left to not far past the bottom of stairs or you will get second group. For boss levels, they are best fought at the stairs due to the slow drain there and can kite when they turn red easily top or bottom stair to miss the attack.


You get clusters of mobs on floors ending 1-4 and 6-9. Ending in 5 is your mini boss, and ending 10 is your big boss. Lower levels at floors end 5 and 0 you get small rewards like low level gem and blessing stone. Starting 120 you can get higher gems and synthesis scrolls for the level 60 armor set.

Attaching a chart with the amount of attack and accuracy I had at each level. On the ones not passed yet, received the information from player who did do those 3 levels. These values could range up or down depending on individual player training and class. They are not exact, just rough values. I am assuming if pattern follows lower levels, the last 3 would be able to be done with less attack if had the bigger accuracy gain. Will update that after testing.

Floor Attack Accuracy
10 4k 1k
20 6k 2k
30 8k 3k
40 10k 4k
50 12k 5k
60 14k 6k
70 16k 7k
80 13k 3k
90 20k 9k
100 22k 10k
110 24k 11k
120 26k 12k
130 30k 14k
140 35k 17k
150 42k 20k
160 50 k 24k
170 56k 23k
130 60k 34k
190 74k 36k
200 96k 38k
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