Firefall Dreadnaught Mammoth Guide

Firefall Dreadnaught Mammoth Guide by Sh0ppingList

Mammoth is the specialty Dreadnaught frame. It is the tank frame in Firefall so far. Here is a quick build guide for it. These setups work best for myself, build could be different depend on play styles. I will also explain here which type of gear (printed, elite, prototype, chosen) is a better option for the skills and gears.

P.S. I do a lot of solo playing, if you always has a healer to back you up it will be nice to have some offensive skills. The main reason that some skills are S3 is due to power limits.

Here is a screenshot of my frame:


Heavy Armor (Active) – Accord Dreadnaught skill: Damage reduction for all incoming attack
Thunderdome (Active) – Mammoth skill: Create an impenetrable sphere.
Shield Wall (Active) – Mammoth skill: Create an energy wall block all front ranged attack
Resilient Plating (Passive) – Accord Dreadnaught skill: Massive healing when health dropped to a point.
Tremor (HKM) – Mammoth skill: Massive AOE damage around Mammoth.

Thumping (Non-melding):
The only skill change is swap Shield Wall to Repulsor Blast (Accord dreadnought skill) since most mobs are melee and AOE dps is going to be more helpful.

Gear Choice:
Main Weapon: Printed Plasma Heavy MG (Chosen MG fires too slow, elite charge time is too long and prototype doesn’t do enough damage per round).

Secondary Weapon: Grenade Launcher (any type is good mainly for some AOE, since I have the Mass problem I have no secondary equipped).

Heavy Armor (Chosen): Has really high damge reduction most of them can block all damge. Although it has twice longer recharge time compare to printed one, it helps a lot with Shield Wall.

Thunderdome (Accord Elite): The main use of thunderdome is to cover reloading, reviving, trap enimy and capture objective, so the duration is the most important thing. 9 out of 10 times it would break from way too much damage.

Shield Wall (Printed): Chosen shield wall only gives another few secs but has really long recharge time, with printed one can has a nice 20s duration and 15-18s cooldown.

HKM: HKM is not really a problem I personally like chosen due to its high damage but it take forever to charge up. Other HKMs are good as well depends on play style and preference.

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