Age of Wushu Guild Events Guide

Age of Wushu Guild Events Guide by Hawko21

The how to on what to do for your Guild and to Explain Each Event

Some Basic Tips first about Each event(more for rookies then anything) 1. Stay with the Group 2.Try to follow your Guild Masters Orders 3. Greifers are Hard to fight ALONE so MAKE FRIENDS

Lets start with the Daily Escort Lets start with the HOW do i do it alone, well Simply left click your face in the top left corner of the game and click Create team Easy, Now there are three choices a Fast horse but weak wagon a Balance choice and a slow horse with a strong Wagon, Love them as much as you can as they are super easy Exp and money for you and the guild please take note to ALWAYS scout ahead first if you do not now the route ask a fellow guildy if they do, For a Bandit group/guild could be right around the corner, However i do not now if this counts as Cheating or not but IF you DISBAND your team when a Group hits you and u now u cant win the fight, then DISBAND the team it then Deletes the Escort, LETS troll those GREIFERS, (note your disband the same way you make the team). (P.S that Disbanding will likely tick off your attacker and they may switch to PK mode witch is were you should RUN But at the same time they will be totally Confused)

Guild Escorts Agian you can pick Fast, balance or slow, (First you need a FULL team of your guild mates usly the Leader will pick who gos but if you have a big enof Guild s/he may ask some of you to go out and try it)Most of these will have you travel to other City’s or Schools so Stockpile those Pots, These are some NASTY hardcore stuff most the time you will need a lot of luck as this is a GOLD Escort witch a LOT of people will try to stop you and your guildys from getting it because it gives your guild so much money. Here are some TIPS i have picked up STAY together, never break away from your group and or the Escort and lastly NEVER give Chase i can not Stress that enof its most like a Retreat to regroup with other badits and YOU will be Ganged (Do NOT do if your not at least near GM power lv) (GM= Guild Master)

Hidden Escort Robbery These are used to Detect the Gold Escorts you place them on the map you are on and when the Escort gos by you will be asked to teleport to it as a bandit with who ever else has set up a Sentry there as well.

Guild Surprise Attack You ever feel like getting payback on a guild that did your guild bad well then Sign up for a Surprise attack and BURN down there building inceasing the money they need to sped that day to Repair and get back up (Just a side note for you EVIL guild you will get hit hard by the Imperial guard if you become too Evil)

Guild Guard Basically a Way to stop ppl who Surprise attack you lets you put a stop to the damage there doing to your guild hall

Guild War should be totally self Explained, Basically Lv 2 guilds can attack another lv 2 guild that owns Territory by BIDING at the guild war administration at 21:45 everyday the winner get to attack his BID on that guild (Unfortly i do not now how to be a supporter for guild ally’s witch i want a answer for if any one can give a Step by Step)

Lastly i want to note theirs not much info about Surprised attack i don’t think its in as of yet or the games still to new to use etc etc

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