Marvel Heroes Rested Experience Guide

Marvel Heroes Rested Experience Guide by mikwaldo

A number of questions have come up about Rested experience. What is it? How does it work? What does it give me? So I wrote this guide.

For anyone familiar with rested XP in other MMO’s (like WoW), it is very similar.

While your hero is resting, their Rested experience bar increases. Each hero gets their own rested experience bar.

– You gain Rested XP for a hero when it is NOT your current hero, or you are logged off.

– While logged on, your current hero never gains rested XP, even in a town.

(Full disclosure. Your current hero does gain a tiny amount of Rested XP during any loading screens, such as using Waypoints, but this is insignificant)

– If you expect to be crafting or afk’ing in Avengers Tower, switch to an unused hero so your active hero can gain rested XP.

– Your hero gains rested XP at a rate that would fill the entire rested XP bar in 48 hours.

– If your Rested XP max is displayed as 48000, the hero gains Rested XP at 1000 XP an hour until the bar is filled.

– A hero’s Rested XP maximum increases as they gain levels

While you play your hero, that hero uses their Rested experience to gain an equal amount of bonus level experience every time you gain level experience.

– Storm has rested experience of 19000/48000 (48000 maximum rested experience, 19000 currently earned)

– Storm kills a mob that gives her 50 level XP

– Storm then automatically receives an additional 50 level XP from Rested experience.

– 100 total level XP for the kill.

– Rested experience always doubles the level experience your hero would have gained.

– Storm’s current rested experience is lowered by 50, now 18950/48000

– Storm continues to receive bonus level XP as long as she has any remaining Rested XP.

– When Rested XP drops to 0/48000, your Experience bar turns orange and she does not get a Rested bonus

– When you either logoff or switch to another hero, Storm regains Rested experience at 1000 XP/hour (48000 XP over 48 hours).

Finally, according to in-game info, Rested XP also increases your Rare item find, however I do not know the details for how this works.

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