Marvel Heroes Pricing List

Marvel Heroes Pricing List by captainzolzonzu

Hello all! Here is the list of current prices in the Marvel Heroes store. Each heroes costume will be listed directly beneath them. G’s can also be bought in-game. I will edit prices as they change or when new content arrives. Plus I will also update if there is a sale. If you see anything missing feel free to post a comment below.

Heroes and Costumes

Black Panther- 900 G
Armored Panther 1,300 G
Tribal 1,000 G
Wakandan Tech 1,100 G

Black Widow- 600 G
Classic 1,000 G
Gray Suit 900 G
Original 650 G

Cable- 900 G
Armored Cyborg 1,300 G
Classic X-Force 1,200 G
Original 600 G

Captain America- 1,200 G
Avengers Movie 850 G
Marvel NOW 850 G
Original 650 G
Reborn 800 G
Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1,100 G

Colossus- 900 G
Classic 700 G
Magneto’s Acolyte 700 G
Phoenix Force 800 G
Marvel NOW 1,100 G

Cyclops- 900 G
X-Men 90’s 1,500 G
Classic 600 G
Marvel NOW 1,200 G
Original 550
X-Factor 700 G

Daredevil(Starter Hero)- 600 G
Armored 1,110 G
Secret Wars 1,400 G
Shadowland 1,300 G

Deadpool- 2,000 G
Special Enhanced Pirate Deadpool 2,000 G
X-Force 1,450 G
Classic X-Men 700 G
Sheriff Deadpool 800 G

Hawkeye(Starter Hero)- 600 G
Avengers Movie 1,300 G
Modern 1,200 G
Old Man Hawkeye 1,250 G

Hulk- 1,200 G
Avengers Movie 1,450 G
Gray Hulk 900 G
Mr. Fixit 1,200 G
Planet Hulk 1,400 G

Iron Man- 2,000 G
Avengers Movie 1,500 G
Classic 750 G
Mark I 1,200 G
Mark II 1,100 G
Mark III 650 G
Mark IV 800 G
Mark V 1,450 G
Mark VI 1,350 G
Marvel NOW 1,400 G
Silver Centurion 800 G
Starboost Armor 1,500 G

Jean Grey- 1,200
Black Queen 1,000 G
Dark Phoenix 1,250 G
Marvel NOW 700 G
X-Men 90’s 1,050 G

Ms. Marvel- 900 G
Agent Of S.W.O.R.D. 1,000 G
Classic 1,150 G
Captain Marvel 1,000 G

Punisher- 900 G
Classic 1,050 G
Trenchcoat 1,250 G
War Torn 450 G

Rocket Raccoon- 1,200
Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel NOW 1,250 G
Marvel NOW 950 G
Original Green 1,000 G

Scarlet Witch- 600 G
The Crossing 1,000 G
Reborn 1,250 G
Marvel NOW 1,200 G
Romani 1,100 G

Spider-Man- 2,000 G
Big Time 1,400 G
Big Time (Green Variant) 1,400 G
Classic 650 G
Future Foundation 1,450 G
Scarlet Spider 1,350 G
Sensational Spider-Man 1,200 G

Storm(Starter Hero)- 600 G
Classic 1,000 G
Classic White 1,250 G
Mohawk 1,000 G
X-Men 90’s 500 G

Thing(Starter Hero)- 600 G
Black Jersey 650 G
Future Foundation 900 G
Fantastic Pants 700 G

Thor- 1,200 G
Avengers Movie 1,300 G
Classic 800 G
Marvel NOW 1,000 G

Wolverine- 1,200 G
Classic Brown 1,000 G
Leather Fang 650 G
Wolverine Patch 1,200 G
X-Men 90’s 750 G
X-Force 1,450 G

Other Items

XP Potion 150 G
Rarity Potion 150 G
Cosmic Key 100 G
Unstable Molecules 50 G
Holo-Vendor 300 G
(Cosmetic Pet) Old Lace 1,250 G
(Cosmetic Pet) Iron Buddy 1,500 G
(Cosmetic Pet) H.E.R.B.I.E. 1,000 G
Retcon Device 300 G
Fortune Card 100 G

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