Marvel Heroes End Game Guide

Marvel Heroes End Game Guide by LightDash

Since I am bored as hell, I decided to write this crappy article to educate people on some “hard facts” about end game and how “you should” go about doing it and level up efficiently.

1: What is end game?

End game in Marvel heroes starts after you have finished the main 8 chapters. After which, you will have access to 3 tiers of missions (Avengers tower, Xavier mansion and Helicarrier). You can think of the story chapters as “normal”, avengers tower ‘s missions as “nightmare”, Xavier mansion ones as “hell” and finally the helicarrier ones as “Inferno”, to use Diablo 3 as a reference. The difficulty scales up roughly the same way in which mobs have more hp, damage and affixes.

2: What should I know about the end game daily missions in Avengers tower, Xavier mansion and Helicarrier and how does that affect the way I play/level up?

There are some mechanics in Marvel heroes that are not really publicly available, especially for people who did not participate in Beta and ask questions to the developers. As you would have notice when playing through the game, there is a colour tagged to the mobs you are attacking (Grey,Green,Orange and Red)

Grey: Mobs are significantly below your level
Green: Mobs are around your level (Up to 5 levels below you, and 3 levels above your current level)
Orange: Mobs are higher level than you
Red: Mobs are significantly higher level than you

With the above information in mind (which you probably already know before reading this pos), there are also Experience/damage output/damage intake penalties associated with the colour tags of the mobs. 

As a general guideline, you WANT to fight mobs that has the green tag (mobs around your level) in which you do full damage, do not receive exp and damage intake/output penalties.

3: Levels of the mobs/bosses in the various end game mission tiers. (Applicable to green and red missions)

A developer once leaked information that shocker in the first daily mission is at level 27 and each subsequent daily mission/bosses increases by 1 level. From my testing, this is true all the way to the helicarrier missions.

So here are the numbers: (From shocker all the way to Dr Doom)

Avengers tower: 27 to 35
Xavier mansion: 36 to 44
Helicarrier : 45 to 53

Now that you know the level of the various instances, you should then apply the formula mentioned in point 2, specifically that you should only play missions that are “green” to you for reasons already mentioned.

Eg: If you are level 40, you should be doing the Dr Doom green mission in Avengers tower all the way to Hydra island in Xavier mansion to ensure that you are in the “green” zone and do not receive any penalty.

4: Questions and Answers:

Q: You only mentioned the green and red terminals. What about the purple group terminals?
A: I did not bother to find out because Group EXP is bugged and thus, terrible for levelling.

Q: Are the information you have provided “hard facts”
A: In general, Yes

Q: What do you mean “in general”
A: It is “possible” to do missions that are orange or red. But you receive “HEAVY” exp penalties as well as do less damage and also take more damage. If you like to be bad, you can do whatever you want. The only exception to this rule is if you are low level and trying to get as many dailies done as possible to get the cubes.

Q: I keep getting 1 to 2 shotted in end game. This **** is too hard.
A: It isn’t. You are prolly in the orange to red zone. You will notice that you take a TON less damage when you are in the green zone, even with no improvements to gear.

Q: Other than following the guide above, any other tips to take note?
A: There are some mobs/affixes that are harder for some characters than others. For example, there are those thugs in taskmaster institute firing their machine gun non-stop and with the “freeze” affix, you will die instantly because you are perm stunned. So you play a character with no ways to break crowl controls, avoid these zones/mobs. This is just an example.

Q: When do you actually beat “end game”.
A: No right and wrong answers. For some people, beating the story itself is considered endgame. For others, hitting level 60 and being the best you can be is end game. For me level 50 is the end game.

I say so because at level 50, all the missions in helicarrier will appear as “green”. You can farm all you want and also have access to end-game gear.

Q: Is it easy to hit level cap?
A: No. There are a few people I know that are very close though but they are using EXP pots non-stop and played more hours than you can imagine.

Q: Which hero is OP?
A: …

This is it.
If you have any non-troll questions, I will answer them either ingame or forums.


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  1. Being willing to take on orange or red mobs doesnt make you a bad player just because you’re willing to suffer from the change in damage dealt or taken.

    Fighting overlevelled mobs can quite often be a lot of fun. If that means a slight hit to the xp gain then it’s up to the player, although I suspect that melee or less mobile characters will have a harder time of it.

    A bad player would rush into the red mobs and then start raging after they died once or twice.

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