Marvel Heroes Beginner’s FAQ

Marvel Heroes Beginner’s FAQ by spyderone

What is Marvel Heroes?
Marvel Heroes is classified as a Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing game (MMOARPG), Think of games like Diablo and Torchlight but with more people running around

How much does it cost to play?
Nada, zip, zero, nothing. It is a free to play game you can download directly for the website. The only thing you have to pay for is Heroes outside the starter 5, costumes and boosts.

Well if I have to Pay for Heroes who do I get for free?
The five starter heroes you get to choose from are Hawkeye, Storm, Scarlet Witch, Thing, and Daredevil. Be warned once you choose one you can’t go back and Choose another starter hero, you have to earn them or buy them.

Wait I can EARN heroes?
Yes heroes and costumes can be dropped just like loot, so you can theoretically get all the heroes without ever spending a dime. Heroes have a low drop rate so this may take awhile, if there is a hero you really want I suggest buying them.

How do drops work? Do I have to fight everyone for what I see drop?
In most cases no. Gear, consumables, costumes, heroes and Yellow orbs are all yours, no one else can pick these up. The only thing that is a shared drop is Red, Blue, and Purple orbs.

What are orbs?
When a mob dies, or a special event happens (kill a special mob, open a chest, complete an objective) orbs are dropped. What the event was determines the orbs that drop. the orbs are:
Red = Health
Blue = Spirit
Purple = Health + Spirit
Yellow = XP

If Yellow orbs are XP, there is literally XP laying around.
That’s not really a question, but yes in a sense. One thing to note about orbs (especially Yellow) is their value decreases the longer they are on the ground. This is denoted by by their size shrinking. So scoop them up ASAP.

How does gear work?
Gear comes in various slots like most ARPGS, such as weapon, chest, head and so on. The gear is also limited to the specific character that it has listed, like Spider-man can’t use Deadpool’s swords. This is because the stats on a piece of gear are tied to character powers, and the more powers on a piece of gear the better the quality of the gear is. The quality of the gear is denoted by the color of its title.
White = Common
Green = Uncommon
Blue = Rare
Purple = Epic
Like another popular MMO there is also orange gear, however these are not legendary and are just artifacts for your artifact slots.

When I get a new piece of gear will I see it on my Hero?
Outside of some artifacts with effects, any gear added to your Hero will not change his cosmetics. This is what costumes are for.

How does character progression work?
As you level up your character is granted a passive stat increase for stats that make sense to that character, like Hulk wont be gaining much intellect. You don’t have much interaction with this outside of which character you choose. What you do have to make your Storm a unique snowflake is Power points. 

Where do I spend these power points?
Each character has three Power Trees that they can spend points in. Each of the trees generally focuses on a certain mechanic or play style, like iron mans shields, or Deadpool’s swords vs his guns. As you gain levels you have access to more skills to spend points on and be able to put more points into existing skills. Each skill has a level cap where you can not put more points into it until you pass that level. This is to stop people from dumping all there points into say Wolverines healing factor making him invincible.

Besides killing thugs and supervillians, what else is there to do in the game?
Being an ARPG a majority of the game is dedicated to the loot hunt, but there are a few other things you can do while in game. There is a crafting system that lets upgrade gear and costumes, make powerful artifacts, and craft consumables. There will also be player vs player (PvP).

 Is there anyway to go back to the Sanctuary and sell my stuff if I’m not near a waypoint?
If you look in the upper right corner of your screen you’ll see a little button with a house on it, this is called the body slider and it will send you back to town. Click it again and you’ll return to where you first activated the bodyslider. You can also hit the ‘B’ key.

What is rest XP?
Rest XP is a 200% bonus to XP that all your characters accrue when you are not playing them. This is based per character not account, so Spider-man’s rest XP is separate from Hulk’s. This leads to a very nice environment for people to play a lot of characters. You’ll cap out rest Experience in 48 hours.

What is the level cap?
60, although you will most likely finish the story around 25-30.

What do I do for XP after I’m done with the story?
You’ll be directed to 3 terminals in Avengers towers. They contain ‘daily’ instances that you’ll be running till 60. for more information see our Endgame FAQ.

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