Neverwinter GWF Destroyer Guide

Neverwinter Great Weapon Fighter Destroyer Guide by kartofflen

Going to preface this guide by saying the first 35 levels of GWF absolutely suck and cryptic needs to do something about that. Ok enough of the complaint on to how to Pwn face.
So When and how does the GWF become a power house of carnage you ask? At around lvl 40 nobody and I do mean nobody will compete with your DPS if you even remotely a decent player.

Stat choices: Simply put power is going to be your friend, next will be defense followed by critical you’ll understand why very shortly.

Gear: I don’t honestly care for the “Recommended” caption on gear I personally used a lvl 26 bracer until lvl 52 because it simply had 181 power and nothing else came close. So as far as gear score goes forget it itemization is king.

Races: Pick your poison some are better than others and IMO humans will probably be the best when feats get fixed.

Feat choices: human bonus feat starred

5/5 Unstoppable action
3/3 Disciple of strength
3/3 endless assault
5/5 steely defense
3/3 devastating critical
1/3 weapon mastery
*3/3 Armor specialization ( needs to be fixed currently the tool tip does not update the 15% not sure if the feat isnt working or if just does not apply the number to your character sheet)
5/5 Great weapon focus
5/5 Deep gash
5/5 Staying power
5/5 Battle awareness
5/5 Disciple of war (This feat can be interchanged before you get the end tier armor which has a lot of recovery on it, with 5/5 unstoppable recovery)
1/1 Destroyer’s purpose
5/5 Student of the sword

Power set up for lvl 60

Steadfast determination
Steel blitz
Indomitable battle strike
Sure strike
Master strike

Misc issues: Cryptic please look into feats adding to character sheet tool tips, this will help prevent confusion on if talent’s are working or broken. Such as Battle awareness and steely defense not updating your character sheet.

So why these choices you ask your answer would be synergy. All of this combines to make you an unstoppable wrecking force on the battlefield. Play set up like this and believe me you’ll have the TR’s crying on the forums in no time.

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  1. Stopped reading after you wrote that defence is better than critt. Just another GWF who has no fucking clue about how to play the class properly.
    Nothing to see here.

  2. how is this build good for pve?

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