Miscrits Collector’s Mansion Map

Miscrits Collector’s Mansion Map by iri

Since there’s no map for mansion, here I bring you the map (I know the mansion miscrits can find anywhere)

Ground floor

mansion ground floor

Main floor

mansion main floor


mansion attic

– Nanaslug has different locations on each day. Check out Miscrits All Rare Miscrits Locations Complete Guide for more information
– You can also find Vhisp, Raldio, and Rafiery at main floor but they’re most common in ground floor.
– You can also find Thundercracker and Rafiery at 2 chairs beside the golden globe. And Bubbles is available outside the mansion along the river.
– Dark Breezycheeks, Grubbean, Flameling and Hydroseal can be found in all stuffs in the right attic.

Hope this helps

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13 Responses to “Miscrits Collector’s Mansion Map”

  1. Does anyone know how to get to the middle attic area?

  2. Thanks I finally found Dark Grubbean and Treemur. But all I found on Blazebit’s location is always Croaky :(

  3. Thanks so much I got Treemur exactly where it is located. I still didn’t get Blazebit and Flutterpat though :(

  4. found a few cant find thundercracker tho

  5. Most locations are wrong but some are close none are only found there its just in the area he was on target for most but you can find lots of others in the rooms which he did not show

  6. thank you i got treemur

  7. I got Twiggum in one of the sofas next to the large Globe. I wanted to capture it but I accidently killed it…and I didn’t get Treemur there where you positioned it. I got Hotfoot there.

    I got Raldio exactly where you had shown in the images. And you were partly right about Vhisp. You might not get exacly Whisdp there, but you do get a wind Miscrit there. I got Aria. Many locations were right, and wrong also…though I hope that I get them on an another day.

    Hey, did you notice that one of the doors on the right attic has the option to go in, but you actually can’t go in ’cause the ‘Too Far Away’ comes up…is that an Easter Egg or we really can go in there?

  8. i found thundercracker in the globe

  9. Just an additional note, Vhisp can be found in the right attic.

  10. Thank’s I’m Got Nana Slug

  11. thank you….using this i found dark hydroseal :)

  12. take my words back.. very heplfull!!

  13. pfft.. still cant find them

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