Miscrits Collector’s Mansion Map

Miscrits Collector’s Mansion Map by iri

Since there’s no map for mansion, here I bring you the map (I know the mansion miscrits can find anywhere)

Ground floor

mansion ground floor

Main floor

mansion main floor


mansion attic

- Nanaslug has different locations on each day. Check out Miscrits All Rare Miscrits Locations Complete Guide for more information
- You can also find Vhisp, Raldio, and Rafiery at main floor but they’re most common in ground floor.
- You can also find Thundercracker and Rafiery at 2 chairs beside the golden globe. And Bubbles is available outside the mansion along the river.
- Dark Breezycheeks, Grubbean, Flameling and Hydroseal can be found in all stuffs in the right attic.

Hope this helps

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  1. pfft.. still cant find them

  2. take my words back.. very heplfull!!

  3. thank you….using this i found dark hydroseal :)

  4. Thank’s I’m Got Nana Slug

  5. Just an additional note, Vhisp can be found in the right attic.

  6. i found thundercracker in the globe

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