Defiance Weapons and Leveling Guide

Defiance Weapons and Leveling Guide by Amber Fae

Mkays, so I found myself wondering how the weapon system work and here is an Explanation:

For those that may not know, every weapon gains EXP and ranks up. This is evident by an EXP bar below the Mod slots on every weapon. As the weapon’s EXP bar fills, you also gain EXP towards the Weapon Skill.

However, each individual weapon can only rank up once. After you fill the bar, you gain no more EXP for either the weapon or the weapon skill. Because of this, you’ll need to constantly switch weapons that you use.

For instance, I’m focusing on LMGs. I buy the Frontier SAW outside Happy Pow Ranch and level it up. Once filled, I sell it and purchase another one. Each weapon gains exp and levels and I gain Weapon Skill levels.

The amount of Weapon EXP gained is based off the amount of regular EXP gained. Which is, in turn, based on the amount of damage you dealt.

In group situations (Arkfalls, Coop Missions, PvP), you gain Weapon EXP if you dealt the killing blow

The Ego rating of a weapon affects the strength of the bonus you gain when you rank a weapon.

Specific to the BMG, you gain Weapon EXP for healing IF you restored shields or health.

Melee attacks do not give Weapon EXP.

Nano Effect Symbols


EFFECT: Increases damage done to the affected target by 20%


EFFECT: Stuns target and enemies near target, also shorts out HUD.


EFFECT: Burns the enemy, dealing damage over time. Also, causes NPC’s to panic.


EFFECT: Slows enemies movement and decreases their damage dealt.


EFFECT: Makes target vulnerable and increases the damage they take.


EFFECT: When the effect is triggered, it will heal the players HP, or shield should the player have max HP. When the effect occurs you will hear a sound and a few seconds later around ~450 damage will be applied to the target and you will be healed.

Useful Info:
Quick FYI, you can use roll/dodge when you are suffering a nano effect to remove it early. Works on goo, electric, fire, etc. Stop, Drop, and Roll! – EmptyOwl

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13 Responses to “Defiance Weapons and Leveling Guide”

  1. Everybody and every guide I see says that once your gun is max you stop get experience for your weapon skill, but that is NOT true. I’ve just start to play the game and have max out 6 weapon skill just by using the gun I like even when it’s already max lv. I have a legend tacc rf and I max it out and still using it and my rf weapon skill still goes up normally and now it’s lv 20. I’ve done that with other weapon as well. I’m now working on my pump action shotgun and I’m using a max out lv shotgun and my weapon lv skill still raising. Almost at 20 already. I just want you guys to know that you don’t have to switch gun like everybody says to raise your weapon skill lv.

  2. The reason you would sell your gun and buy a replacement is because there was no such thing as resetting weapon mastery at the time this was created and hasn’t really been updated.

  3. Why would you sell your weapon and buy the same weapon when it maxes out? All you have todo is unequip it, go to the mod matrix, and reset the weapons xp. It costs a couple thousand and puts the weapon in limbo for 20 min.

  4. If i had known i could reset my level mastery points, or even knew that weps stop gaining xp, i would be level 15-20 on AR and pistols, not 7 and 5… The tutorial should explain that.

  5. And as an added bonus if you reset the weapon exp you keep the random trait it recieves and can even add more .

  6. Just reset the weapons ExP you are using.
    Dont have to sell it if you modded the hell outta it :)

  7. just make sure you keep a lvl 400+ dmg weapon for mp

    I think most would have a weapon skill 20 if we was told better in tut that we had to switch weapons to rank it up for both lol

  8. it is the minimum ego level you have to be to use that particular weapon you will never get a drop above your level but if someone gives you a 350 level weapon you will not be able to use it until your ego level is 350 or above

  9. I think it’s your ego lvl when you buy / loot the weapon

  10. What does the number in the bottom left of a weapons picture represent? For instance the toxicity pistol on this page has a 300 In the bottom left corner.

  11. Thanks for he info. I was hoping to ditch my current weapon and get a new, yet weaker one, in hope that when it is completly levelled up it will be better.

  12. In response to Juatdan.

    When you fill up a weapons exp bar and it levels up, it seems to get a random perk, usually something small like recoil reduction or ammo increase.

  13. As a weapon lvls up does the base damage increase? For example if i buy a gun with 200 dmg, when its level is maxed will it have a higher dmg rating have increased to say 400 (or whatever).

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