Defiance Keycode Giving Dynamic Events List

Defiance Keycode Giving Non-Arkfall Dynamic Events List by lagaros

After doing a bit of searching I have yet to find someone post a list of what Dynamic events give keycodes upon completion. If someone has already done then then… oh well.. Anyways, through observation I have figured out which events will give keycodes, enjoy.

Dynamic event – Description

  • Recicide – Kill the Monarch
  • Skitterlings! – Kill the hellbugs
  • Hellbug vs Mutant EMC – Start the generator/ secure the area
  • Feeding Frenzy – Kill the Hellbugs
  • Crystal Clear – Secure the area
  • No Good Deed – Clear out the Hellbug nest
  • Hellbug Nest – Clear out the Hellbugs
  • Turf war – Assist E-Rep
  • Crystal Cargo – Defeat the 99ers
  • Wandering Hulker – Kill the Hulker
  • Hellbug Extermination – Assist with killing the hellbugs
  • Pest Control – Help Echelon Mercs clear the Hellbug nest (Caution: A Monarch is the final enemy)
  • A Matter Of Time – Rescue Echelon Soldiers From Dark Matter

Some areas spawn these events closely more than others, a good spot I found was east of the Iron Demon Ranch. The first road heading south from there has 3-4 potential spawns down a stretch that ends at the Ridgecrest mine spawn.

Post if there are any i forgot and i’ll add it to the list!
Remember to stop when you see one of these because they are always fast, easy ways to get keycodes!

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  1. they took away the key codes you could earn from the dynamic events

  2. Hello

    They have removed keycode reward, now the events just give scripts and xp.

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