Defiance Contracts List

Defiance Contracts List by Amber Fae

Von Bach Industries Contracts:
Scavenger Hunt: Collect 20 Weapon parts from Raiders on docks.
Artificial Intelligence: Collect 50 control chips from Bulwarks in San Francisco.
Aegis Gambit: Collect 10 shield implants from goldrushers.
The Long Bomb: Collect 10 hulker bombs.

Soleptor Enterprises Contracts:
Atlas Attrition: Collect 20 navigation logs from mutants at the radio towers.
Spike in the Vein: Collect 100 mineral samples from 99ers in mines.
Pelts for Poseurs: Collect 40 hides from skitterlings aroind Marin.
Student of History: Collect 35 battle plans from Dark Matter Monitors.

Top-Notch Toolworks Contracts:
Down to the Wire: Collect 20 wiring fragments from mutants in northern Mount Tam.
Always On: Collect 75 data cores from Bulwarks in San Francisco.
Metal Gear Wrecks: Collect 20 gears from omnivolts in San Francisco.

Paradise Territory Contracts:
The Motherlode: Complete “The Motherlode” co-op map.
Soleptor Excavation: Complete “Soleptor Excavation” co-op map.

Echelon Contracts:
Reap What You Sow: Record 5 avenger kills in Deathmatch.
Slayer of the Flock: Kill 50 players in Deathmatch.
King of the Mountain: Record 5 attack kills in Capture and Hold.
Seize the Day: Complete 10 Capture and Hold matches.

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  1. Ok I think the answers to my questions asked above are in the factions guide so for anyone trying to figure out contracts read that guide. As poster Dan said it would be nice to know where in the world to go to complete contracts.

  2. yeah I am about ego 314 and I want to do contracts so I can get the rep but I don’t understand how you collect certain things like the weapon parts on raider docks. I run around a lot doing things like clearing areas of enemies or road blocks, haven’t seen anything I could collect other than loot. I play on ps3 so I assume square button would be used to collect these items. The only thing I have collected was samples from hell bug nests so I get how items are collected but it seems like there should be something to trigger the contracts so I can complete them. Thanks. BTW love the guide & I can’t stand trying to get help on that defi forum.

  3. A location guid would be helpful for contracts etc.

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