World of Tanks Newbie Tips

World of Tanks Newbie Tips by Asismii

So, everyone plays the game a bit differently, and I want to start out by saying this: DON’T TURN THIS INTO A FLAME WAR. If you have other tips or strats, great, but those I posted here are tried and tested. I have played all of the classes (Tiger II, Hummel(elite), JagdTiger(elite), T-44(elite) and PZ3(elite)) so I have a bit of knowledge.

Keep in mind that things are situational, and there may be circumstances that alter the strategy.

Let’s start with some general tips.


1. Repair kits. Always. It’s a good idea to map it to your ‘5’ key since by pressing ‘5’ then ‘5’ you will repair your track, and less messing around. Tracks will be the main reason you’re using your repair kit. Also remember that ‘1’ is engine and ‘3’ is gun.

2. Use the buddy system. I know everyone likes to run off and be the hero and all that jazz, but quite simply; don’t. Think of it like this: If you are alone and go 1 on 1 with some other tank, then it’s a duel. If you have a friend one of you will get free shots on the other tank. The more tanks that go with you, the better.

3. Someone’s gotta defend. This is more geared towards the TD and the lumbering slow heavies (KV, anyone?). Having a secure defense will not only help protect your arty, but will also keep those pesky scouts from capping from under you.

4. Read the map. If you see 10 guys going east, then go west. I know I said to use the buddy system, but you also have to use your brain. An open flank is an open door to your arty and base.

5. Read the map more. Say you’re defending (good for you) and your team is making a great flank but is encountering some heavy resistance. There is no one on the other flank, then advance. If all of their tanks are in one spot, then none of them are in another spot.

6. Keep reading the map. If your teammates are in a bind and you’re close go help them. Staying back is sniping is fine and all, but if you have a big tank who is about to bite it, take a hit or two for them by getting in-front of the enemies gun. Two guns at 50% are much better than one gun at 100%.

7. If you can’t penetrate it, switch to HE. HE is fantastic for those big buggers that seem to reflect everything. This will cause system damage and turn their powerhouses into mushy noodles. Sure you wont do as much damage as an AP, but if your AP shot bounces you’re doing nothing at all except throwing credits at them.

8. Med-kits. Wonderful tools. 2 minutes is a long time in these battles, and can easily make the difference between a win and a loss. It’s best to save your med-kits for your gunner, loader, or driver.

9. Cover!. While bushes are great camouflage, they don’t offer much in the way of protection. A rock or tank husk can provide that extra bit of defense that can turn the tide of your fight.

10. Flank. Straight down the middle in ANY map is a terrible idea. By going down a flank you not only reduce the direction fire is coming from to 1, but reduce the number of guns that can actually fire at you.

11. 30% >> 3%. If you have a big gun and are facing multiple enemies and have friendlies with you, use your gun to it’s fullest. Don’t waste a round bringing one tank from 4% to dead, use it to bring another tank from 100% to 60%. Let the smaller guns finish them off. This also gets you more xp and creds.

12. Tracks!. Fighting an IS-7, T-44, Leo? TRACK IT! Simply aim for it’s tracks and click. This will reduce their GREATEST ADVANTAGE; mobility. Tracking a fast tank makes it crippled, and the arty(and other teammates) can eat it up. For more detailed tracking info, go HERE to see my tracking tips section.

13. Charging arty or TD. Never, ever go straight in. ZIG-ZAG like you’ve never zig-zagged before. Yes it is a bit slower, but it’s better than a shell coming through your hull. Once you can get behind them they’re toast. Also: Never stop in front of them, it’s just silly.

14. Fighting the beast. If you’re up against a big tank then use what you can to your advantage, this means using whatever speed advantage you have and circling them, closely. Make them work for their shots and pop them while you’re at it.

15. Location, location, location!. Tracks, engine, gun. Hit them. What good is their fancy tank going to be if it cant shoot you? A T-44 is just another piece of metal once it’s tracked and can’t move.

16. The weak spots. This is a trickier part because you have to learn where and when to shoot. If they are at a weird angle, or have angled armor, don’t shoot it because you’re likely to just bounce. aim for the broad side, or the flat surfaces. The hull will also be easier to penetrate, so try not to take random shots at the side of a turret.

17. Premium. Get it. More xp, more creds, more sense. Save up for the 1-month to get the best value. It takes 17 days to earn enough for 1 month of premium, so start saving.

18. Be mindful of arty. They are always lurking (unless they’re dead). STAY BEHIND COVER. It is everywhere, rocks, buildings, mountains, you name it. Their powerful guns can easily hit you in the middle of a field, so why would you go there?

19. Take a shot and run away, live to shoot another day. If you see a tank out in the open and you have cover, pop out and shoot, then go back in. This will minimize the amount of time you’re open to attack.


1. Shoot and move. This is the most basic thing you can do to stay alive. After you pop a shot off, move a bit(10-15 meters) just in case another arty is watching for your tracer, it wont be able to lock in on you.

2. Look for tracers. Sometimes you may not have scouts, or they are goofing off somewhere. In that case keep and eye out for tracers and pin point them back to the location they shot from, then shoot away.

3. Co-ordination is key. Try and talk with your other arty, it will be vital in bringing down the bigger targets.

4. Don’t be afraid to relocate. If you have a flank that is pushing the map, follow a bit behind them. This will not only give you a better location on the map, but it will mix things up for your enemies. And VERY IMPORTANT: If a scout makes it into or near your base, then under no circumstances, ever, should you stop moving until it has been killed and you count to 10. There is a very good chance that arty is looking at you and just waiting to click.

5. Choosing your target. Arty first, period. As soon as your team makes contact with their team, arty will be zooming in on them. This is a great opportunity to practice tip 2. If all arty is dead you kind of have to play it by ear, but if tanks are distracted by each other then kill the one with the most amount of HP you can kill in one shot. If they are all similar then hit the biggest tank, once their big tank is down then your allies will have an easier time with the rest.  Everyone loves to get kills, but if getting one more kills means your team loses the round what does it matter? Keep in mind general tip #11.

6. Guns first. Read Tank Destroyer tip #4.


1. If your base is being capped, TD it. By this I DON’T mean run in as soon as you see someone at your flag, but wait until the cap is at around 40% then charge in and shoot. This is especially effective if there is only one tank in your base. As a note, don’t do this in satellite view, it will make things much more difficult. If you are far away from the cap and can’t see who’s in there, then take pod shots into the circle, your aim doesn’t have to be pin-point because you can’t see them anyhow and it’s all guesswork.

2. If you have a fast arty (Hummel for instance) and have some mega-tank coming after you, use what your tank gives you; mobility. Get in close and dirty, then shoot and circle some more while you reload.

3. If you run out of ammo then charge! Don’t be afraid to be a distraction. The enemy doesn’t know you’ve run out of ammo, and if you can save some other tank from a couple of hits while they polish off the enemy, then why wouldn’t you? Repair bills aren’t THAT bad.



1. Find your spot. Find a spot on each map that gives you a great defensive  advantage. This might be with cover of rocks, between some buildings, wherever your flanks are protected.

2. At barrels reach. Further really, but the idea is the same. Don’t let them get close to you, back up if someone is charging you, shoot their tracks, whatever. You need to keep them distanced.

3. Bottle-necks are good. If you can find a place where enemies have to funnel in (between buildings, train cars, hills) this is going to be your happy place.

4. Guns first. I know there is a lot of debate over which upgrade to do first, but remember this: you’re not a flanker, you’re not a scout, you’re there for one reason; to blow them up. No matter what engine you have or how good your radio is (if your suspension can support it) your gun is what sets you apart. Being able to turn marginally faster still wont make you fast enough to keep them getting behind you, so why give them the chance? Especially at the later tiers, you’ll be slow and lumbering no matter what you do, so you should augment what you’ll need. This applies to arty as well.


1. Make friends with a medium. Having a medium tank to support you will be huge. They can help you by tracking enemies for you to destroy. They can advance for you to help tie up a larger, slower enemy so you can pick it off. They can save your butt if a tank gets behind you. They are your friend.

2. Back and turn. If an enemy is trying to circle you, go backwards and turn. This will make it more difficult for them to get behind you.

3. Have a safe place. If they are coming in strong, have somewhere you can move back to that will make them have to detour to get to your blind side. This can be buildings, trains, or cliffs/beaches.

4. Against a wall. Keep your back against a wall when going one on one against another tank. This way they can’t circle you, and if they want to keep moving, they’ll have to get in front of your gun at one point.



1. Use what you’ve got. Maneuver around, between, and behind buildings, obstacles, and enemy tanks. This will tie them up, confuse them, and make it harder for them to get a clean shot on you.

2. From the flank. Read general tip #10.

3. Kits. Save your repair kits for tracks and engine ONLY. You need your speed more than anything.

4. Warn your arty. When you’re getting close, let them know. This way you can be sure your scouting isn’t being wasted.


1. If you see an arty, aim, fire, keep moving. Your goal is to light up the enemy so your arty can pick them off. Stopping to kill them will only get you shot by some other tank that is defending. If it is a big arty, park behind it where other enemies can’t hit you, shoot it, then run.

2. Pseudo-Scouting. If you can find a place where you can light up enemies without being hit, it’s a good place. An example would be behind a rock or building near their base.

3. Timing. Make sure your arty is in position, or will be in position before you leave to scout.

4. Take the road less traveled. When you learn the maps you learn where people like to go. Don’t go there. Find a path that will get you deep and you’ll encounter little traffic as you go.

5. Multiple scouts 1. Each take a different path so you can pinpoint where the enemies will be coming from. Chances are one of you will run into a wall of steel, but at least you’ll prepare your team.

6. Multiple scouts 2. Everyone go together for maximum penetration of their flank. The enemy can’t shoot at two or three targets at once, and this will ensure that you get in as deep as possible.



1. The tanks who hunt together, win together. Think of yourselves as a pack. Stick together to take down larger tanks with ease. This will make you a much more formidable force.

2. Surroundings. Being the jack-of-all-trades you get to utilize a combination of speed, power, and maneuverability. You also have to utilize your surroundings to make the most of your tank. This is a bit general, but very important to mediums in particular.

3. Whack-a-scout. If you see a scout charging towards your base, charge him right back. When you get close, RAM HIM! Then after that (If he’s still alive) shoot him. It’s great defense and great fun!

4. Be the finisher. Polish off tanks so that your bigger friends can move onto new targets.

5. Assister. You should be the one tracking enemies and breaking modules for your friends, be sure to do so.


Since mediums are so versatile, it is best to look at all of the strats in the other sections and use them.



1. Play smart. Break the stereotype of being a big dumb war machine. You need to play smart to make the most of your tank. Don’t charge in by yourself, you’ll die. Use your armor to its fullest by angling your tank a bit and/or keeping only your turret showing when you can.

2. Turning. Even though you have a nice big gun, your traverse speed can leave much to be desired. Turn to help hit tanks that are circling you, and aim for their tracks. If you can, stay near an obstacle so they have to slow down and detour, giving you time to lock on.

3. Protection. Try and protect smaller tanks by getting between them and other enemy tanks. This will give them more safety to assist you. There is also a better chance the shots will bounce off of you, and if not you still have more health to spare.


1. Big boys first. If you’re being attacked by multiple enemies attack the big ones first. The smaller ones will be more likely to bounce, and besides that your teammates wont have as much of a problem with them if you die.

2. Fire Extinguishers. Make sure you have them. 5%/s of your health is a lot more than 5%/s of a little T-28. (This should probably be under tips, but oh well)

3. You’re not invincible. Don’t be afraid to retreat of you’re being overwhelmed, often times you’ll have assistance not far from you, so it’s ok to let them take some hits for you.


Be nice. There are so many reasons for this I don’t feel like typing them all out, but in a nutshell if you’re in a tight spot and were being a jerkwad to your teammates, chances are they’ll let you bite it.

Thanks for reading this super long post, and as I said before all of these tips and strats are subject to circumstance.

Good luck and have fun,

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