Wizardry Online Avoid Getting PKed Guide

Wizardry Online Avoid Getting PKed Guide by Maethor

I see a lot of people whining about getting killed by player killers (PK) and I have some tips and tricks for you that will make it so that 90% of the time a PK’er or even a group of them will not actually kill you.

First, never afk anywhere except parked in front of a static guard. If you are afking expect to get killed in short order by the pks that run through the zones.

Second, Do not rank up to SR 2 until you hit level 5 at least, It probably would be best to wait until level 7 if you do not mind a bit of quest grinding. Before you go to SR2 make sure you have a full set of SR2 gear and make sure you have a decent range of defense IE, if your a warrior make sure to get rings/amulets with MDEF, the same goes with getting DEF for a mage if you can This will make it much much harder for the pkers to kill you in 1 or 2 shots.

Third, group up when possible. A full group gets an 80% of the mobs xp compared to solo and kills way faster. There is never a reason not to group and most of the time the solo pkers will not mess with a group, it is just a bit harder to level.

Now on to what to do when you see a well known PKer. If you see them before they are right on top of you, you will almost always escape if you run.

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  1. The last sentence in this section states “The following are a few tricks I have learned that pretty much make it so…”. Not only is there missing punctuation, but the meaning is unclear. “The following are…” should not be the last sentence in a section.

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