Wartune Best Astrals Guide

Wartune Best Astrals Guide by jenas

How to improve Battle Rating, apparently astro is one way of all, and make a obvious effect, but what is best astro set for us, Knight, Mage, and Archer. For now, there is no lv50 in the server, so we all have 4 slots to put in astro, I play as mage, so here is my opinions.

Suppose we have orange astro.

  • For mage

1. Soul of Hammer (Matk +216) No doubt about this
2. Sacred Heart (Pdef +216) actually needed in the Arena and Dungeon.
3. Spirit of Nature (Mdef +216) maybe you r wondering why to need this, I am so a Mage, let me tell you, from lv50 in the Forgotten Dungeon, most of boss and monsters are Matk mobs, if you wanna go further, absolutely.
4. Soul Eternal (HP +500) lv4 of this astro show you 2000 HP, for us healing Mage, we need this better than Angelic Wings(Block +216) and Dragon’s Breth(Reduce dmg by 3%)
5. Soul of Grace (Disable crit, increase dmg by 5%) Mage act as class of DPS, we dont need crit at all, and rate of crit for mage is low, so this is your first option.

  • For Archer

1. Power of Titan (Patk +216) no doubt about this. Btw WTH I got 3 power of Titan, but I am a Mage, are you serious? I never obtain what I want best Soul of Hammer.
2. Sacred Heart (Pdef +216) needed in the Arena and Dungeon.
3. Spirit of Nature (Mdef +216) needed in the Arena and Dungeon, especially used in Forgotten Catacombs.
4. Breserker Essence (Critical +216) no need to hesitate
5. Light of Justice (Crit based dmg increase by 5%)
6. Archer live with crit, sometimes I feel not fair, they attack fast, and got a skill of double attack, at the early phase of the game, Archer could earn much more money through World Boss and Arena.

  • For Knight

1. Power of Titan (Patk +216) no doubt about this.
2. Sacred Heart (Pdef +216) needed in the Arena and Dungeon.
3. Spirit of Nature (Mdef +216) needed in the Arena and Dungeon, especially used in Forgotten Catacombs.
4. Soul of Grace (Disable crit, increase dmg by 5%) my opinion, crit belong to Archer.
5. Angelic Wings(Block +216) yes you need this, cuz there is skill for Knight, heal 4% while dodge.

a. if obtain better astro, save them for the future, and you could switch them in different situation, like Arena, Forgotten Catacombs (take place Pdef with Mdef), and World Boss.
b. I just list 5 astro, never mean the other ones is useless, just not that obvious effect and useful well for now, like Dragon’s breth that works in the future while ppl do you a dmg of 5000 or so, and Angelic Wings, Block, as far as I know, Block could dodge 30% dmg or so, but the odds of release is so low, 1000 block =10%. you know we need steady effect.
c. about Soul of Ashura (Floating dmg expand by 5%) that is expand not increase, so there is a chance to increase and reduce dmg by 5%, in case of 50% of them, that is nothing for us, so I dont suggest using this.

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