Wartune Archer Sample Build Guide

Wartune Archer Sample Build Guide by autlos

This is a breakdown build of what I am using. I am currently level 30 and going! Unfortunately I don’t know what or how many skill points are obtainable or if either all skills can be leveled at least once. Creative criticism wanted!

Now on to the list of what build I use. *skill description all at level 1


Tier 1

Arrow Strike ~ Deals 80%+15 damage to a random single enemy; crit rate increased by 20% and increases rage by 5 points;MAX

*this as you will use it often as either a filler if all skills are on cooldown or to build up rage, so might as well level it up for the damage.

Tier 2

Multi-shot ~ Randomly completes two attacks, with each attack dealing 45%+25 physical damage; crit rate +100%;MAX

*the skill that every non-archer player complains about. Its 100% crit so it synergizes very well with skills such as Battle Prowess since it procs its every time. Adds 2 stacks of Battle Prowess each case even if the damage is mitigated to 0. With Acumen say you have 20, you spend 10, you fire off 2 shots, giving you 25, a plus 5 rage gain!

Eye of the Eagle ~ Increases Crit Rate and max HP by 10%;MAX

*its just natural! :P

Tier 3

Acumen ~ Receive an extra 3 rage after each turn;MAX

*who wouldn’t want rage? With Arrow Strike plus 5 rage, you can fire off Multi-shot on the 2nd round
Delphic Sniper ~ Deals 280%+380 damage to a random single enemy; crit rate increased by 20%;0/3

*the strongest nuke with a crit rate increase of 20%, now with 20% plus your stats that you already have, your normal attacks should be critting regularly, I chose not to take it as the cast time is pretty long, enemies get at least 2 hits in if not 3 with a slow debuff. Multi-shot would be your best bet

Poison Arrow ~ Deals 44% physical damage to a random single enemy; reduces HP by 44% of physical damage; lasts 3 turns;1/3

*keeping this at a minimum since the DoT damage is insignificant, not worth it

Tier 4

Focused Attack ~ Physical Attack boost of 5%;MAX

*again it just seems natural! :P

Deep Freeze ~ Deals 162%+150 physical damage to a single rear enemy and reduces casting speed by 100%; lasts 2 turns;1/4

*this is for now my main nuke, without Delphic Sniper. I prefer the slow over the crit rate increase, because I crit enough, and I need to test soon whether Delphic Sniper or Deep Freeze cast first. It may also be a weaker damage output but its still good enough

Battle Prowess ~ After a crit, boosts damage dealt by all teammates by 1%. Stackable up to 5 times; lasts 5 turns;MAX

*10% damage adds up, and is easy to obtain 5 stacks and keep it up there

Tier 5

Bloodthirsty Strike ~ Deals 120% damage to a single front-row target and converts 50% of the damage dealt to HP regen;0/3

*as of now I don’t wish to level it because the heal is insignificant
Lunatic Fire ~ Deals 85% physical damage to all enemies; crit rate increased by 10;0/3

*weak AoE, leaving it to the mage

Armor Piercer ~ Deals 140%+100 physical damage to a single rear target, physical defense reduced by 100, lasts 3 turns. Defense reduction can be stacked a maximum of 4 times;MAX

*I see this as my secondary nuke with the debuff being the main selling point. By stacking 4 times, it does -400 armor and with a 1 second cooldown in between 3 turns, it is really easy to stack and keep up

Scatter Shot ~ Debuffs one positive buffs for all enemies;1/3-MAX

*Im debating whether to keep it minimum or max it because 1. I could easily counter Rebound, Battle Prowess, Shield (really effective in arena, I’ve seen it!) and whatever buffs they may have and if I max it, it reduces enemy rage, best against those who don’t have armor that gives off rage after hits. 2. To keep it at a minimum and forget the rage remove. I am on the strong side of leaving it at 1/3

Tier 6

Delphic Death Star ~ Deals 189%+315 physical damage to 2 to 4 random enemies and has a 50% chance to cause the enemy to lose a turn; crit rate increased by 20%;0/1

*my only regret not taking this road is the 50% stun

Incendiary Shot ~ Deals 195%+390 damage to a single random target and spreads 50% of damage dealt to all enemies within 1 square. In addition, reduces damage by 30% for all targets currently under buffs. Lasts 3 turns;MAX

*a stronger nuke damage wise than Delphic Death Star and has the ability to reduce incoming damage. With the damage reducer, great skill for survivability. Can be in conjunction with Scatter Shot, but its a loss of a turn casting both skills.


Overall, I see this tree more in an Arena because you can hide behind teammates and cast the skills and maybe even 1 on 1 but kind of reliant because it takes time to actually get these skills off, instead of the pure damage tree with the Delphics.

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5 Responses to “Wartune Archer Sample Build Guide”

  1. my cycle with 3 piece cloths is

    lunatic fire > arrow strike 1or 2 times > bloodthristy > multi shot then back to arrow strike again

    some time they die when i shot first arrow strike….

  2. Never mind did;nt notice the skills not in bold

  3. Some skills seem to be missing

  4. I forgot …

    – Scatter Shot at lvl 2 is rage decrease of 10, instead of 30. So keep that in mind for your builds.

    Alternative Sets might be:
    – leave Multi-Shot at lvl 3
    – leave Delphic Sniper at lvl 2
    – and get Scatter Shot to lvl 2

    Also … In my opinion/experience …

    The four most useful overall are:

    – Arrow Strike
    – Multi-Shot
    – Lunatic Fire
    – Armor Piercer

  5. Suggest buying the extra skill set option.

    The skills I use the most are:
    – Arrow Strike
    – Multi-Shot
    – Lunatic Fire
    – Maximize Passive skills ASAP

    Set One at lvl 52:
    (I use this set the most, and seems better for Arena, BG, 3v3)
    – All passive skills maxed
    – Arrow Strike maxed
    – Multi-Shot maxed
    – Lunatic Fire maxed
    – Delphic Sniper lvl 3

    Blood-thirsty strike I just never found a good use for, given that Arrow-Strike is maxed I end up using that instead of Blood-thirsty. If I ever get in a situation where I need a little bitty heal from blood-thirsty, the battle is usually already lost.

    Set Two at lvl 52:
    (nice to have these available in a second set if you want them)
    – All passive skills maxed
    – Arrow Strike maxed
    – Multi-Shot lvl 2
    – Lunatic Fire lvl 1
    – Delphic Sniper lvl 1
    – Scatter Shot lvl 1
    – Poison Arrow lvl 2
    – Deep Freeze lvl 2
    – Armor Piercer lvl 1

    Leveling past 52 you need other advise. I’m not there yet.

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