SMITE Abbreviations Guide

SMITE Abbreviations Guide by Liberis

Just a quick list for those who are not familiar with MOBA terminology. Post your suggestions and I will update this post.

AD – Attack Damge
AFK – Away from Keyboard
Aggro – The likelyhood of an npc attacking a player. The result of player actions that make npcs more likely to attack you.
AoE – Area of Effect
AP – Ability Power/Magic Power; Sometimes means Attack Power (check context or ask for clarification)
APM – Actions per Minute
AS – Attack Speed
Aura – A persistent AoE spell effect. Can be a buff or debuff.

B – Return to base (press “b”)
Back – Fallback/Retreat
Backdoor – Attacking an enemy tower solo (sometimes without friendly minions).
Base Race – When both teams focus on destroying the enemy base before the other.
BM – Bad Mannered
BRB – Be Right Back
Buff – To improve the effectiveness of something; A positive effect (often gained from killing jungle bosses)

Carry (Noun) – A god that starts off weaker than others, but becomes more powerful as the game progresses
Carry (Verb) – To cause a team to win even if they are failing
CDR – Cooldown Rate
Creeps – Minions/humans

DPS – Damage per Second

Farmed – A god who has become very powerful by having a high creep score
Fed – A god who has become very powerful after killing multiple enemies
Feeding – Continuously dying to the other team
FG – Fire Giant
Focus – To target a specific enemy

Gank – To ambush one or more enemies

HP5 – Health per 5; The amount of health gained in 5 seconds

IAS – Increased Attack Speed

Leash – Attacking a mob (usually Fury or Fire Giant) to tank it for a teammate

Mana – The resource used by gods to cast abilities
MIA – Missing in Action (used when an enemy is missing from your lane)
MP – Magic Power
MP5 – Mana per 5; The amount of mana gained in 5 seconds

Nerf – To reduce the effectiveness of something
NPC – Non-player character

OOM – Out of Mana
OP – Overpowered

RR – Russian for GG

SS – Missing in Action (used when an enemy is missing from your lane)

Ult – Ultimate/Elite. Fourth skill ability. Sometimes called “R”.
UP – Underpowered

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