RaiderZ Intelligence Formula Research

RaiderZ Intelligence Formula Research by ayaminn

So I was curious as to what the INT to magic attack formula was, mainly because when I was level 15 and equipped something with 10 int, I gained about 5 magic attack, but at lvl 35 equipping something with 10 int gives me about 14 magic attack… So what is this formula?, I asked myself!

Well, here is my data:

Initial Magic damage -> + Int -> Final Magic Damage ; (change in magic damage)/(initial magic damage) = +% increase

423 -> +133 int -> 579 ; 156/423 = +36.88%
530 -> +33 int -> 579 ; 49/530 = +9.25%
540 -> +26 int -> 579 ; 39/540 = 7.22%
546 -> +22 int -> 579 ; 33/546 = +6.04%
563 -> +10 int -> 579 ; 16/563 = +2.84%

Now, let’s plot this data on a graph, as
*percentage increase as a function of intelligence added

So we have our points:

(10, 2.84)
(22, 6.04)
(26, 7.22)
(33, 9.25)
(133, 36.88)

We find that it is a linear graph. y = mx + b

Using Excel/TI-84 Graphing Calculator Line of best fit, we find the slope to be m = 0.2770610229*
(and b = 0.033666, but this is negligible)

Conclusion: Because the slope of the graph of percentage increase as a function of intelligence added is ~0.277%, it can be said that for every 1 intelligence you add to your character, you get a +0.277% increase to your magic attack.

So rounding this to 0.280% per, that means:

Every 10 int = +2.8% magic attack
Every 20 int = +5.6% magic attack
Every 30 int = +8.4% magic attack
Every 40 int = +11.2% magic attack

I may be wrong, as all these values are experimental based on a level 35’s stats and equips… So correct me if INT has a fixed value or if the function is actually exponential or something c:

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