RaiderZ Defender PvP War Zone Guide

RaiderZ Defender PvP War Zone Guide by nextdekade

Hello everyone

Today were going to be discussing the insight of what is behind the madness of Komaz’s rage in the War Zone for the Mad Eye Faction.

If you are looking for anything that is not PVP related – you will not find it here! Sorry..

Because I can do what I do. I want to say this. Every player has their own play style.. You can follow guides all day – to the T.. and youll never be as good as the actual player. Just because you see a video of some defender who just wtf pwnd a group of guys.. doesnt mean that you will be unstoppable.. only Komaz is unstoppable :)

And today I thought I would shed some love on the forums – seeing that I am finding quite a few people with questions in regards to builds / gear and such for pvp. I will disclose my build, my rotation, and my goodies during pvp combat against the terribad yeti’s..

This is my Defender: Komaz – Level 28

Keep in mind – there is a cut off level on the war zone – this is why we are at lv 28 and not 35. Because as you exceed the level – you will become neutral to both factions in the war zone itself. And can not participate in the lower level pvp fights :)

The reason I have this build. Is not to destroy a single player.. Like Berserkers do.. Those guys are a 1-2-3 smash my face on the keyboard = win. Defenders are not ment for burst dps or dps output. We are ment to take a hit – lock the sob down and make sure they do not get back up! Of course – this doesnt work with 2+ players vs you. I will discuss this later :)

These are my rotations – Hot bar 1 and Hot bar 2

Now I left the pumpkin on hot bar 2 so that you guys can see.. that this was used for instant heals. Not some potion that does HoT or Heal over Time. Because there are plenty of times you will experience oh **** moments.. and start to rage because ur getting ur butt kicked by 8+ people..

These are the potions you can get by spending the Symbol of Mercenary’s from player kills

Pay attention to the ones that say Possession! These are the ones I use!

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