RaiderZ Defender PvP Build Guide

RaiderZ Defender PvP Build Guide by byh2o


So .. that is my build and tatics, worked great for me, if you not agree feel free to comment what you would change and why^^
What i want is make a constructive topic.

Lets start xD


Armor Type:defenders are tankers, so i guess all of them are suposed to use plate armor, if you dont like plate armors maybe other classes will be better.

gems: Strenght and Stamina, first and obvious strenght add directly in your atk so always it’s good to go, and second Stamina, if you wanna a non-stop combo and dodge you will need that.

Agi? nah we haven’t critic enough and agi won’t make difference
Vit? it’s good but lack in damage are so bad

skill tree

I got less skills, but i tried max what i could to have some “hard hit”, and stun/strike.
Thats work very nice and make a good combo

Rush lv 3: thats the basic skill, and you will use that more than all others

Stunning Smash lv4: imobilize the target and are unblockable, really good when you are surrounded, probably i will max it next time.

Rapid Assaut lv1: stun the target, i didnt maxed it cuz have other preferences but its a nice skill, maxing you will have more stun duration.

Shield Slam lv2: the best skill ever, when you are surrounded you strike all enemies and have a good damage.

Massive Strike lv2: alternative for Slam,( when it’s in cooldown) probably next time will be lv1 only.

Slam lv2: exelent skill, most used for the last hit from combo, because you will lost counter attack, have a nice damage and strike your enemy, after the strike you can hit 3 times with normal atks without being atked.

Comeback lv1: Useful when you are dying, you get a second chance, just lv1 cuz lv2 doesnt give nothing good.

Bastion lv1: Very useful at any point in PvP, you can approach with block and before being knocked down use it, and counter atk. lv1 cuz 4 seconds of durations is more than enough

Fortify Shout lv1: idk if make diference but stamina is always good^^

One-Handed Mastery lv5: a must

Defense Mastery lv3: if you want block you need it

Resilience lv2: very good block and recovery stamina


Basic combo: rush -> Rapid Assaut -> normal hit -> Stunning Smash -> Shield Slam -> Slam -> normal hit -> normal hit -> normal hit -> dodge

it work great, if you hit with rush, the opponent can’t evade that combo and certanly you will hit hard 1/4 ~ 1/3 of their HP.

Why dodge at the end? cuz ppl will counter

After this, probably you will be out of stamina, so run around to recovery, don’t go far your opponent can use some healing skill.

You can repeat the combo.

Basic evade: if you are knocked down or stunned, you have two ways:
use Stunning Smash -> Shield Slan and run, or you can try block and use bastion
The first choice is the better

Advanced Tatics:

That not hard, but if you fail the opponent will get you, so be careful

Approach with block and use Stunning Smash -> Shield Slam
and any other skill

Approach with block and use bastian, after blocking use the basic combo

Block and use Slam to strike.( that is more about timing)


Mages: avoid the fire skills, and you will be good. Sometimes you can let the mage hit you to approach and use the combo, woks fine. Remember the dangerous skill have cast time, you can see that and avoid.

Zerks: dont let they combo you, or you will lost a lot of HP,

Defenders: if they use the same tatics as you i wish you luck ^^ and the better will win

Clerics: dont let they heal, avoid unblockable atks, they think you wont enter in the circle to hit him so.. surprised him, dont let they run out

if you are with low hp dont go crazy, you can use Comeback while are running and the basic combo.

That is it >.<

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