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Pokemonium Nature Guide by lorkham


Many people don’t know what Nature is, so I’ll make a guide to describe it.

Nature, or if translated from Japanese Personality, is one of the factors how strong your pokemon is, or it could be. When your pokemon is at higher level, Nature has more impact on stats.

There is 25 different Natures. Five of them are neutral, so they don’t make any impact on stats. Other twenty make change to only two stats of your pokemon. Nature increase one stat for 10% and decrease another stat for 10%.

Nature Increased stat Decreased stat
Lonely Attack Defense
Brave Attack Speed
Adamant Attack Sp. Attack
Naughty Attack Sp. Defence
Bold Defense Attack
Relaxed Defense Speed
Impish Defense Sp. Attack
Lax Defense Sp. Defense
Timid Speed Attack
Hasty Speed Defense
Jolly Speed Sp. Attack
Naive Speed Sp. Defense
Modest Sp. Attack Attack
Mild Sp. Attack Defense
Quiet Sp. Attack Speed
Rash Sp. Attack Sp. Defense
Calm Sp. Defense Attack
Gentle Sp. Defense Defense
Sassy Sp. Defense Speed
Careful Sp. Defense Sp. Attack
Hardy none none
Docile none none
Serious none none
Bashful none none
Quirky none none

Now when we learned how every Nature works, it’s time to learn how to determine which Nature your pokemon have.

Step 1.

You need to click on your pokemons name in order to open his stats.

Step 2.
You need to find where Nature is listed in your pokemons stats.

Step 3.
Now that you’ve found the Nature, in the Table you can see what stat it increase and decrease.
Remember, all starter pokemon have neutral Nature.

With well chosen Nature, your pokemon can be more powerful than some other pokemon. But it’s not very easy to determine which Nature you should pick for your pokemon. To know that, you need to learn about your pokemon Base Stats. That can be learned from Bulbapedia.
Every pokemon has unique Base Stats.

Your job isn’t over yet, you need to learn about your pokemon Learnset. You can learn that from Bulbapedia. Most pokemon in this game have Learnset from generation 4, but there are some exceptions like Growlithe and Vulpix. They have Learnset from generation 3.

When you look at Learnset, you can see Category of attacks. There are three types of category: Status, Physical and Special.
Status category modify your, or your opponents stats. For example: Growl, Stun Spore…
Physical category damages your opponent and your and his pokemon need to make a contact to deal this type of damage. For example: Low Kick, Furry Attack…
Special category damages your opponent and your and his pokemon didn’t make a conact to deal damage. For example: BubbleBeam, Psybeam…

If your pokemon has his most attacks Special, than it’s Sp. Attack stat should be higher than Attack stat. Than it’s not recommended to choose Nature which increase Attack stat.
If your pokemon has his most attacks Physical, than it’s Attack stat should be higher than Sp. Attack stat. Than it’s not recommended to choose Nature which increase Sp. Attack stat.

There are pokemon which have their good attacks both Special and Physical. Than you need to carefully choose one and raise your pokemon that way, or you can mix both types of attacks, but than you need to choose Nature even more carefully.

Also, you pick Nature according to what that pokemon purpose is. Some pokemon you’ll use to One-Hit others pokemons, than you need your Speed stat as higher as possible. Sometimes you’ll want your pokemon has high Defence, or hight Attack.
Remember, number of possibilities is infinity, you can train your pokemon in way you want.

If you have any question, feel free to post it here.

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