Neverwinter Beta FAQ

Neverwinter Beta FAQ by cmpinpointerror

Transferring Astral Diamonds

Q: Is it possible to Transfer Claimed Astral Diamonds from one Character to another Character on the same account?

A: Yes! As long as both characters are on the same Shard.

To do this, you first need to open up the Astral Diamond Exchange (The Gem Icon on the Menu Bar) and then you will need to place an offer to Buy Zen for Astral Diamonds (in effect, selling your ADs). Immediately after placing the Listing, cancel the Listing on your active trades tab. This will then place those Astral Diamonds into an Exchange Pool. You can then log out of that character and log in with a different character and go into the Exchange and claim them from your Exchange Pool. You cannot transfer Astral Diamonds across Shards however, as each Shard has it’s own Astral Diamond Exchange and Auction Houses. You can only place refined Astral Diamonds into the Exchange.

Q: Is it possible to Give another Player my Astral Diamonds?

A: No. You must either use the Astral Diamond Exchange to buy or sell Astral Diamonds or use the Auction House to sell or buy wares for Astral Diamonds.

Q: Is there a level cap?
A: Yes, this is the first of three Beta Weekends and is a “Limited Beta.” The level cap is 30 now and will be increased with our later Betas.

Q: I’m seeing an issue with the downloader and/or downloading.
A: Please allow inbound connections on port 6881. For an even better performance, please open up port range 6881 to 7000.

Q: I’m having trouble patching. Is there something I can do?
A: Please check your firewall and computer for the following and make sure these ports are open:

IP range:
Ports: TCP/7000-7500

There is no need to forward inbound ports, only outbound connections need to work.

Q: Will my progress be wiped before the next Beta Weekend?
A: There is no plan to wipe any characters right now before the next Beta. Your progress will carry over to other Beta Weekends. However, there still may be an extremely unlikely situation where we have to reset characters but we will notify you well ahead of time.

Q: Which Founder’s Pack items will I receive during Beta?
A: Hero of the North Founder’s Pack purchasers
– Access to all three Beta Weekends (automatic)
– Headstart Access – Get headstart access to Neverwinter. Start playing 5 days before everyone else for Open Beta. (automatic)
– Beta Weekend Friend Invite – Invite a friend to a single Beta Weekend Event (automatic)
– “Founder’s” Title in Game (in bag in game)
– “Hero of the North” Title on forums (automatic)
– Moonstone Regular – Access to Moonstone Mask’s VIP lounge (automatic)
– VIP Game Access – When loads are high, jump to the head of the queue and get priority log-in access.(automatic)
– Small Bag of Holding per character (in bag in game)
– 750,000 Astral Diamonds once per account (check the Astral Diamond exchange)
– 3 Extra Character Slots (5 total slots) (automatic)
Guardian of Neverwinter purchasers
– Access to all three Beta Weekends (automatic)
– Headstart Access – Get headstart access to Neverwinter. Start playing 3 days before everyone else for Open Beta. (automatic)
– “Founder’s” Title in Game (in bag in game)
– “Hero of the North” Title on forums (automatic)
– 125,000 Astral Diamonds once per account (check the Astral Diamond exchange)
– 1 Extra Character Slot (3 total slots) (automatic)

Q: Where is the Mailbox/Postal Courier?
A: Mail can be picked up at the Postal Courier, located just outside the Auction House in Protector’s Enclave. Look for an NPC with an envelope icon above their head. (specific location: 601, 553 in Protector’s Enclave)

Q: Should I claim my Astral Diamonds from Founder’s Pack purchases, or wait until the game launches?
A: Claim your Astral Diamonds! Any Astral Diamonds that you gained from purchasing a Founder’s Pack will be completely refunded once the game goes live.

Q: Where are my Founder’s Pack items like the mount and companion?
A: You will receive a select number of items from the pack(s) you purchased immediately when you log in to play during a Beta Weekend event. This provides an opportunity to try out these items and show them off to players in the Forgotten Realms. When Neverwinter launches, you will receive all items from the pack(s) you purchased to enjoy!

Q: Can in-game store content be previewed in the beta?
A: Not at this time. Any cash shop/c-store references in this version of the beta are only there for functionality testing purposes, and are not guaranteed to represent the items that will be available after launch.

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