MechWarrior Online Raven-2X Review

MechWarrior Online Raven-2X Review by WarRats

This is a review of the stock Raven RVN-2X.

I ran the RVN-2X through a series of matches trying out different strategies and just checking out what this Mech was capable of. I was surprised by how many things this Mech could do well. It does have a few problems, but overall it performed way better then expected.

MOBILITY: The Raven’s top speed is 80kph not terribly fast, but it is fast enough to get where it needs to be and avoid trouble reasonably well. The RVN-2X is not fast enough to be a long range scout. Score: 3 out of 5

The RVN-2X has 4 weapons. It has a torso mounted Large Laser, SRM-6, and two arm mounted medium lasers. It’s a impressive load out for a light Mech and the weapons system allows it some versatility in its roles. I had the 4 weapons in 3 different firing groups. This Mech tends to run very hot.

In my opinion the large laser is the primary weapon. If your not relying on its range and punch your doing something wrong. It provides and accurate long range weapon system the Raven can use to make up for its slower speed and allow it to start shooting while approaching targets. It can provide fire support if needed.

The secondary firing system on the RVN-2X is the SRM-6. It is the hardest weapon to aim but is your main damage dealer. It will make light Mechs think twice about going toe to toe with you and will make heavy Mechs realize they made a mistake by ignoring you. The trick is to not fire this weapon system willy nilly, but only if you have a clear shot that you know you wont miss, at that point this weapon becomes your primary option.

The not to be ignored or forgotten third weapon system is the pair of arm mounted medium lasers. These have the widest range of fire and are your best fast tracking weapons. Use these on any lights that try to challenge you and use it to target specific damaged locations on heavier Mechs.

The Raven’s weapons all have comparable ranges and it makes it very tempting to pull off some high damage alpha strikes. It also has huge heat potential if you do this, which is the biggest problem this Raven faces. If you choose your alpha strikes wisely and avoid shutting down at the wrong moment, this Raven will serve you well. Score: 3 out of 5

The Raven does not fit perfectly into any one role but it does perform many roles well. I primarily stayed close to the bulk of my teammates and filled roles as needed. The RVN-2X is capable of filling the role of a close ranged scout, scout hunter, base defender, and light fire support.

As a close range scout the Raven should not turn and run at contact with enemy scouts but make sure the large laser softens them up at range. Often the other scout will pick an easier target and break off after getting hit by a couple large laser hits. If the scout does not break you should be close enough to your team that they will be able to assist you and maybe pick up a quick kill. The Raven has enough armor and speed to make it back to the main force without getting destroyed as long as you stay within 200-400 meters of the main force and use the terrain wisely.

Once the fighting starts the Raven excels at keeping Jenners and Commandos off the backs of the brawlers and fire support. If there are no enemy light Mechs around the Raven can add its considerable firepower to whatever mech is currently being focused on. Score: 4 out of 5

SURVIVABILITY: The RVN-2X can have a high survival rate despite its slower speed and lower armor rating. It has a narrow frame where damage is normally absorbed in multiple locations. Straight shots to the center torso are rare if you continue to move and avoid running in a straight lines while being fired upon. The Raven is not always seen as a threat in a battle so if you position yourself close to a more dangerous friendly you will get the chance to help take down your friendlies target while avoiding damage yourself. Score: 3 out of 5

OVERALL: The Raven RVN-2X is good design. It allows speed, firepower, and durability for a very reasonably priced Mech. It’s main problem is heat dissipation but that can be overcome with a smart firing pattern. Its versatility alone would make it a wise purchase for any Mechwarrior. Score: 3.5 out of 5

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