MechWarrior Online Hunchback (HBK4-J) Cheap LRM Build Guide

MechWarrior Online Hunchback (HBK4-J) Cheap LRM Build Guide by Hauser


LRMs can deal an incredible amount of damage provided the target doesn’t get to cover or has AMS. So the ideal range to launch LRMs from is just out of 180 meters. This limits the chance of the target finding cover and the exposure to AMS.

So I’ve been toying with the idea of using the HBK4-J in a lance of mediums. This means that unlike regular missile boats the mech is expected move up close to the brawl but not necessarily be in it. So the build needs to do good LRM damage, but also hold up in a brawl. The stock 4J is already fairly good at this, so I’m looking for some builds that improve on it.

I’ve come up with a few variations that work well, but I’d also like to see some input form other people.

Build 1

200 Standard Engine
AMS + 1T Ammo
Artemis LRM10 & LRM15 + 2T ammo
5 MLas
1 Tag.

Costs about 60k for a repair after a complete tear down, 30K of which come from reloading.

This is about the most powerful variant I could come up with. The LRMs can dump a good 50pts damage to the upper body of a mech (most of them hit!). When using tag the grouping is a bit tighter but I doubt it is worth it. I tend to keep it on for other LRM users.

You could replace tag with another ton of ammo as I do tend to run out of ammo before the match is over but by then the laser suffice for mopping up. However that would increase the cost which I would say is a big downfall. The whole installation costs about 2 million CB and with a 60k repair bill eating up quarter to half of your earnings.

If you want more speed or if you have the to save weight, you can replace the LRMS with a single LRM20 launcher or two LRM10. I’m not sure which is more cost effective yet. I do have the feeling that with Artemis you want the bigger launcher as it saves another ton, however the 4J has a maximum of 10 tubes per hardpoint.

Build 2

200 Standard Engine
AMS + 1T Ammo
LRM15 & LRM15 + 2T ammo
5 MLas
1 Tag.

Costs about 45k for a repair after a complete tear down, 15K of which come from reloading.

By the numbers this variant drops 10 damage more on target however the damage is spread out more. I haven’t decided yet which is more effective but I feel the first build kills a little faster while this build tends to do economically allot better.

Again this build is low on ammo but it is sufficient for the job it has to do. Weight savings on this build are allot harder. But replacing medium lasers with smalls, gives you another 2.5 tons, either for Artemis or a bigger engine or more ammo. Though I feel this kinda shifts the build out of its intended role and puts it in the LRM boat category. As an alternative though, only replacing the torso medium lasers with smalls gives you 1.5 tons to play with.


I’ve come up with two builds, a more expensive build also hits better on target and a cheaper build that does more damage, but spreads it out more. While I feel the first build works better, I don’t have the numbers to back this up. What do you think is better overall?


I suppose the question comes down to this. When using multiple launchers, is the extra accuracy from Artemis worth sacreficing 10 pts of damage and an increased rearm bill?

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