Firefall Resources and Manufacturing Guide

Firefall Resources and Manufacturing Guide by FadedPez

Finding Resources

When exploring the world of Firefall and scanning for resources you will find many different crystite hybrids [CY-xyz] of varying qualities. Some examples of different resources you may find are:










Here is an example of a scan result:

The number after each resource denotes the resource quality. With a higher number your manufacturing will yield better results (this will be shown later).

The percentage on the scan reports shows the concentration of the resource in that particular area.


After gathering enough resources you can begin to craft items. If you interact with a Molecular Printer it will show you the Nanotemplates available to you. Click on an item to see its resource requirement and output details. Manufacturing calldowns genrally takes Crystite or Crystite in addition to some manufacturing component(s). When unloading calldowns they are automatically added to inventory. You can access them as described in the Nav Wheel section here.


Crafting gear will come into play once you are earning non-Accord certificates in Tier 2. You will notice that when you go to craft a piece of gear it calls for Crystite Hybrid. Clicking the empty box will bring up a list of resources that can be used in this slot. The type andl;l quality of resource you use impacts the item’s stats. Items highlighted in red signify that you do not have enough of that item type to use for the item in question.

Take notice of the base stats of the output of this printed version of Omnidyne-M Bombs Away in the Preview area. In this example there is enough Bismuth[CY-423] to use to create this item. Select the Bismuth from the right column. This will populate the column with the chosen resource.

Notice how the stats of the ability in the Preview area have now changed based on the material used. If you have enough of several different materials you can continue to experiment with the output by changing the resource input and build your item based on your preferences. Click “Build” to build the item once you are satisfied with the expected output.


When thumping you will collect Thumper Sifted Earth. When you refine Thumper Sifted Earth it will yield an amount of Crystite and some random resources. Crystite Refining refines Crystite Hybrids into Crystite.

Resource Blending

Resources shift in Firefall. A certain quality of a resource will not last forever and because of this you may find over time that you have varying qualities of the same resource. If you find that you have two (or more) different qualities of resources that aren’t spawning in the world anymore you can choose to blend the resources together which combines the resources together into a quality between the two values.

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