Firefall Blackwater Extraction Site Guide

Firefall Blackwater Extraction Site Guide by PHDinAWESOME

Reach 600 resources before the opposing team does.

What do I need to know?

  • It takes 5 seconds to capture an objective that isn’t actively controlled by the opponents. This is done by holding ‘e’ close to the objective node.
  • Enemy controlled objectives will have a red force field protecting them that must be destroyed by attacking it.
  • For every objective you control, your team gains two resources per tick (3 seconds, I believe).
  • Every 5 minutes or so, a booster will spawn in the middle of the map.
  • If you are carrying the booster, you cannot sprint.
  • If you take the booster to an objective you control and walk up to the force field, the booster will be applied to that objective, greatly increasing the rate at which it gives you resources.
  • If you are carrying the booster, the enemy team can see you through walls (this is intended).
  • To carry the booster, you simply need to touch it.
  • Killing an enemy who is carrying the booster will make them drop it and then anyone can pick it up.
  • If you destroy the force field on a boosted objective, it will cancel the boost.

What’s important?
The objectives. Plain and simple. It is more important to hold the objectives than it is to get kills. Three or four people should stick around an objective to insure it’s held. If there are already three or four people there, go attack another objective. Holding two objectives is better than holding one objective and just grabbing the booster. However, the booster can help make up for a deficit in resources and it should be used wisely.

How to play:
You should always be defending an objective or attacking one. If you’re fighting in the middle, you’re a hindrance to your team. Group up and push an objective that isn’t controlled. When the booster is announced, only two or three people should go after it (preferably with a medic). Make sure you’re not sacrificing too much for the booster. It’s good, but it’s not that good.

There are several ways to approach each objective (two of them you can come from below, one has a hole in the side in line with the force field and all of them have two outer entrances and two inner entrances leading to the objective). Use them to flank opposing forces or to sneak in and destroy the force field or ninja some kills. Running in one at a time when you know there’s several defending isn’t a good idea. Get some teammates to help you.

When defending an objective, make sure you’re watching the entrances. Use the friendly force field at the top of an objective to gain quick access in and out of the base and also to block incoming fire for you. Only the controlling team can pass through the force field. If you’re the only one at an objective, yell at your team to help you defend it. Don’t just wait for your team to help, TELL them to help.

Avoid fighting in the middle, even when it seems impossible to make it through. If all else fails, go one of the back ways to an objective. There are several ways to reach each objective.

Tips and tricks:

  • There are turret nodes around the map (located near the bases). Anyone can activate them, creating a turret (regardless of class). These can help slow down the enemy.
  • Destroy force fields on objectives even if you can’t take it. This will cause them to not gain resources from that objective until they can completely recapture it. Possibly allowing your team edge ahead or win it.
  • Don’t chase off after players. Defend your objectives or attack the opposing ones. Don’t let the lure you away from what needs to be done.
  • There are health kits located near all of the objectives (two are underneath, one in front). Use them frequently.
  • There are several locations where you can take a short cut over or through the terrain to reach an objective quicker or take an easy flank on your opponent. Use them.
  • There are SIN towers you can set up by simply walking up to them and pressing ‘e’ — doing so will add any opponents within range to your SIN network automatically.
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