Firefall Assault PvE AoE Build Guide

Firefall Assault (MIRV Firecat) PvE AoE Build Guide by Ced23Ric

1. Introduction & Goal.

The idea here is to get the most out of Bombs Away, which is nowadays a rather usefull ability. While it does work a bit like a shotgun (high damage to one target up close, low damage to many targets at a distance), with proper crafting it can provide even more AoE to the already AoE-heavy Assault class. As Bombs Away has a relatively fast drop-off, the primary range of this frame is rather short, which needs to be assisted by the rest of the modules.

The goal is to have answers, as with most frames, and with a rounded-out selection of parts, this can be achieved fairly well. While the constraints make it hard to put three abilities on the Assault, some concessions here and there allow us to have that without being crippled to the point of mediocrity.

As for ores used, if you didn’t grab some of that Ferrite 772 that was with us until yesterday (13th of November 2012), no worries – you can use other ores, just have to make it fit given the constraints. Maybe the new Ferrite 257 allows for more printing because it is lighter, too. Regardless, try to go for as many bombs on the Kisuton Bombs Away as possible.

2. The Build.

A quick run-down of the requirements:


  • Tech Level: Tier 2
  • Frame: Assault Class, Astrek Firecat
  • Unlocks needed:
    • Astrek Multicannon
    • Astrek Ammo
    • Kisuton Bombs Away
    • Astrek Crater
    • Accord Afterburner
    • Astrek Plating
    • Kisuton Jumpjets
    • Omnidyne-M Servos


  • Primary Weapon: Astrek Multicannon (Ferrite 772)
  • Primary Ammo: Astrek Ammo (Ferrite 772)
  • Secondary Weapon: Accord SMG
  • Secondary Ammo: Astrek Ammo (Ferrite 772)

The weapon suite is pretty straight forward. The Multicannon is versatile by definition, offering in this configuration 9 shots dealing about 430 damage each, or 27 shots, dealing around 190 each, in a rapid stream of bouncy plasma goodness. The sidearm is picked because of it’s higher RoF, large clip, higher DPS, low weight and hip-fire friendliness. With DPS of roughly 700, it’s fair enough to quickly dispatch single targets where the Multicannon would be too slow.


  • #1: Accord Afterburner *
  • #2: Kisuton Bombs Away (Ferrite 772) *²
  • #3: Astrek Crater

The Afterburner gets the frame around, helps to cross distances, get out of a tight spot or prepare a Crater. Because the range of Bombs Away is comparatively short, a printed Afterburner would probably overachieve – we rather save on constraints there. The cooldown is still only 15 seconds. Bombs Away is our primary skill, either to saturate an area, clean up a Thumper or burst a single big target. Crater is in synergy with Afterburner, but situational – thusly, unprinted will do the trick.


  • Reactor: Accord Reactor
  • Specialty: none
  • Plating: Astrek Plating (Ferrite 772)
  • Jumpjets: Kisuton Jets
  • Servos: Omnidyne-M Servos (Ferrite 772)

The Astrek Plating helps with surviving the short range engagements, the Kisuton Jets recharge faster than Accord Jets, and the Omnidyne Servos help us sprint faster in case Jets or Afterburner are down. The added jump heigt helps to hop up, aim down and release Bombs Away in a tight pattern.

*: Can be switched for Omnidyne-M, but as it’s unprinted, the difference is neglectable. Constraints dictate.
*²: We’re going for as many bombs as possible. Ferrite 772 gives us 16×70 = 1120 damage.

3. Playstyle

Basically, it plays like your usual Assault, but a bit closer to the targets. You hop around, jet around, fly around your target area, and shower hostiles with Plasma and Bombs Away. When up against large groups, throw in a Crater after Bombs Away softened them up, and when facing single targets, the SMG it is. In essence, pretty simple and straight forward. As Bombs Away is fired in a sequence, a quick flick of the wrist allows to lay down a line instead of a circular explosion, too, to take out a chain of smaller bugs.

With Afterburner equipped, this makes for a fairly good floating frame when running multiple Thumpers with 5 people. Being able to cover ground quickly combined with the Multicannon makes the Assault good for that task anyway. Given the various AoE sources, this frame can defend a spot pretty well, too, although it is a bit behind on single-target damage. The Multicannon and SMG help to mitigate this, but it has to be kept in mind.

This is how I play my Firecat – and it proves to be quite fun and efficient.

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