Dragon Nest SEA Gigantes Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Gigantes Guide by Mira and Reind

Goals of this guide: So that everyone can have a easier time in Gigantes Nest, and crafting materials will be cheaper.

Ticket to enter : Fake Criminal’s Badge (my own literal translation)
Can be gotten from lvl 40-50 abyss dungeons

Rewards: Gigantes Set Equipment, Gigantes Set Materials, lvl 50 suffix crafting essences, lvl 50 enhancement heraldry. Gigantes Hell entry ticket.

Overall Nest Process:

When you enter the nest, a portal to one out of 4 random stages will appear. After each stage is cleared, the whole party is randomly transported to the other 3 stages, until you clear all 4 stages, unlocking the boss room.

Hidden room: unlocks when you gather 3 plates from each of the stages. Gives extra rewards.

Full Guide:

Stage 1: Gas Chamber


Stage Mechanic:
When you enter this room, an intruder alarm automatically rings,  and the first wave of monsters is spawned.Move towards the tiles that will light up in a straight line (light blue colour). A timer of 5 secs will start counting down. At the end of the tiles, activating the switch(a small statue) will activate the safe zone. A gate will automatically close, blocking anyone else from coming into the safe zone. When the timer ends, poison gas is released into the whole room except the safe zone, this is a guaranteed death if your not in the safe zone. This mechanic will repeat every 30-45secs until all 3 waves of monsters are cleared.

When all 3 waves of monsters are cleared, the boss of this room will spawn.

Known Attacks:

  • Claw Swipe
  • Howl: Howls, than spikes will slowly start chasing you. Keep moving to evade.
  • Rapid Claw Combo: Swipes you a lot at melee range than knocks you back.
  • Jump and claw combo: Jumps and than lands on the ground, than quickly does a lot of rapid claw swipes, ending with a small explosion.
  • Spikes: Summon lots of spikes in an AOE around him. High Damage
  • Homing Green Ball: After x3hp . Summons a homing green ball to chase the player with the highest aggro. Behind the homing green ball is a lot of spikes following it. The ball has high speed and will flinch/knockdown when it hits a player.

When this boss is killed, the portal to next stage will appear.

Hidden plate of this stage: The two rune tigers that spawn at the 3rd wave (before boss) must be killed within 5 secs of the other dying.

Stage 2: Cube Boss


Stage mechanic is simple, defeat the Cube Boss to win.
Cube boss has high defenses.

Known Attacks:

  • Confusion Ball: Shoots purple projectiles around the room. If your hit by it, all your direction keys are reversed. (Up becomes down, left becomes right, etc). Also does some damage.
  • Fire, Ice or Light Balls: Continuously spin and shoot little balls at the highest aggro player. Does medium damage. Ice type balls will slow on hit.
  • Phoenix: Summons 2 books on the left and right of itself, Each book will shoot 2 phoenixes towards the front.
  • Spinning Blades: Swords appear on the side of the cubes, and it starts to spin. Melee range attack. Easily avoidable.
  • Laser Beam: Your typical cube beam. Rarely seen though. Powerful.
  • Activate trap: Random statues will press down upon the area. Avoiding stepping on the shadows to dodge. High damage. (Animation before cast: Blue lightning around cube)
  • Activate trap EX: More statues and longer duration than the normal traps Very high damage(-20k x 3-4 hits) Avoid the middle of the room and shadows on the ground. Will only activate after x3 (Animation before cast: Purple lighting around cube)
  • Teleport: Does this everytime it activates the trap. Randomly teleports to another side of the room.

Hidden plate of this stage: Defeat the cube boss within 60secs.

Stage 3: Mummy’s Ghoul Disco


Note: using a mod for the dancing disco stage XD. Those sounds will normally not appear.

Stage Mechanic: Memorising game.The mummy ghoul will activate the disco. There are 4 rounds. Each round, the statues will make sounds in a pattern. If you manage to do the same exact pattern, your given a speed buff. If you fail to create the same pattern, your slowed significantly and more/harder monsters will be summoned. Monsters will spawn after each round. Clear the monsters to move on to the next round. The patterns will grow in difficulty each round.

Monsters: Typical Skeleton and Ghouls, Undead Minos. Watch out for the blue ghouls that freeze

After 4 rounds, the boss will spawn. Kill him to clear the stage
Boss has high movement speed.

Known attacks:

  • Fire Grenade: Throws a fire grenade. Explodes on impact. Burns. Slow casting.
  • Ice Grenade: Same as above, freezes
  • Bandage Grab: Kinda like Acro’s binding shot. Disables skills and movement when binded.
  • Double Swipe: Melee Range. Looks harmless but very painful (~20k per hit)
  • Spits poison: Spits poison at a high angle in a cone around him. Painful. Poisons player.
  • Dance: Yellow spots will appear below the player and the boss will make a dancing animation. If the player is still standing in the yellow lights after 1.5sec, he will be forced to dance. Use A-D to escape dancing.
  • Summon Coffins: Happens after he reaches a certain hp threshold(think x3- x2). A coffin will be summoned, repeatedly summoning waves of undead if not destroyed. A poison tower is also summoned, which spits poison at intervals (~30k damage)

Hidden plate of this stage: All 4 patterns must be done correctly, and before the boss died, no coffin should be on the field. If these 2 conditions are fulfilled, when the switch(statue) at the spawnpoint is activated after the boss dies, another dance pattern will play. If this is done correctly, the hidden plate will appear (refer to video)

Stage 4: Flower Garden


Stage Mechanic: When you enter the room, there will be 3 cannons. Monsters in this room have VERY high hp, your normal skills will not do much damage. Use the cannons to defeat the monsters!

Using the Cannons:

  • Left click to shoot bullets. Fires very fast and at a very high speed. Short recharge. Damage: 160-220k per hit
  • Right click to shoot a ball that Time Stops monsters around it.
  • Esc to exit cannon.

Waves of monsters will spawn. Just rape them using the cannons. Not hard with a 4 person party.

Monsters to watch out for:

  • Rolling trolls(Irritating)
  • Exploding Zombie(The explosion is painful, you’ll see them charging it).
  • Assay Shamans (Slows you and the black hole is painful)
  • Flowers: These explode after they are hit certain times, dealing enormous damage in a small AOE around them.

It is recommended that paladin or priest lure all the mobs into the middle as the cannons cannot turn more than 180degrees (unable to shoot stuff behind you)

After killing most of the mobs, the Boss(Stone Golem) and 2 miniboss (boss of west armory) will spawn

The minibosses will fire lasers at you. Painful. Long Range. Shoot 3 times.

Known Boss Attacks:

  • Throw Rock: Like the Stone Golem of manticore nest. Will one hit you if it explodes on you. Significant damage even if your hit by the scattered rocks
  • Ground Punch: Punches the ground, causing rocks to fall down in front of where his fist landed.
  • Earthquake: Prepares itself by shaking, than jumps and hits the ground. ~50k damage. Can be avoided by jumping. Huge AOE
  • Roll: Rolls towards the person with the highest aggro.
  • Fissure: Raises the ground in a straight line in front of him. Medium Horizontal AOE, very long ranged. Can be avoided using iframes.
  • Eruption: Boss glows red, flames appear on him with a red circle around him and starts doing the same animation as Earthquake. A eruption will happen after a few secs. To dodge this, Dont stay in the red circle. Ignores Highlander.

After you defeat the golem, the stage is cleared. You do not need to care about the minibosses or other monsters.

Hidden plate of this stage: Not sure about it. Rumors are that you must either: Destroy all the flowers/ Or the boss must die under sunlight…Or it might just be random.

Hidden Stage: Room of Greed

unlocks when 3 plates are gotten.

Link to hidden stage video here: http://youtu.be/7WnEWz_Rhgo (its kinda shaky)

There are a lot of RCs in this stages. All are fake except one. You must find the real one within 60secs. Fake RCs turns into mimics after opened. Just ignore them.

The real RC will drop these items and gold at random rates:

Lvl 50 enhancement plate
Gigantes Crafting materials (green and blue)
Epic essences for crafting suffix on lvl 50 equipment

Boss Stage: Gigantes Baha

The floor will open when all 4 stages are cleared, revealing a staircase leading downwards. At the end of the tunnel lies Gigantes, an ancient weapon created by the Ancients.


Known Attacks:

x5 – x4

  • Punch Ground
  • 180 degree Rocket Barrage: Can only hit the front
  • Charge: Charges the player with highest aggro. Keep moving to dodge
  • Big Blue Bomb: Shoots a blue bomb from his stomach to the ground. Big AOE explosion. AOE is bigger than it seems.

Around x4 – x3

New skills:

  • Summon Time Bomb: Summons a bomb in the middle of the map. It must be destroyed before it explodes. If it explodes, all party member’s hp will be reduced to 1. The bomb has a hp bar that can be seen below gigantes hp bar.
  • Black Hole: Sucks you in. No damage.
  • Quake: Jumps and slams the ground.

Around x3 and below

New skills:

  • Big Blue Atomic Bomb: Shoots a big blue missle from its center that splits into several small missles on impact, hitting a bigger AOE than the Big Blue Bomb.
  • Spinning Rocket Barrage: Shoots rockets while spinning 360 degrees. Stick near or very far from the boss to dodge. 180 degree rocket barrage will no longer be casted.
  • Arm Swipe: Will activate when players are in melee range. Swipes its sides, creating an explosion after awhile
  • Twin Blue Laser: Rarely casted, 2 blue lasers will shoot out from its head just like how Archbishop’s Golem 2 laser is casted

Around x2 and below

New skills:

  • Big Punch: Punches the ground, wider AOE, high damage
  • Gigantic Slam: Slams the ground, throwing all players up. A blue circle will appear below the player with the highest aggro, exploding after awhile. High damage. Make sure not to waste your aerial evasion after x2!

This will be the end of this guide. Good Luck clearing Gigantes!

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