ChefVille Crafted Ingredients List

ChefVille Crafted Ingredients List by Pinky Chefcadero

Some ingredients will be crafted on Crafting Stations to be used on Cooking Stations to create dishes. Also, some ingredients you create on your Crafting Stations will go on to be included in more intricate items.

About Salt and Pepper: You can earn salt and pepper by visiting neighbors! On your visit, per neighbor, you will earn salt. By your third visit, you are a regular, so you earn pepper!

Crafted Ingredient Collected Ingredient 1 Collected Ingredient 2 Collected Ingredient 3
Ranch Dressing Milk Wild Onion Garlic
Dough Flour Milk None
Mayonnaise Eggs White Wine Vinegar None
Tomato Sauce Heirloom Tomato Wild Onion None
Garlic Toast Wheat Bread Garlic None
Croutons Wheat Bread Black Pepper None
Pita Chips Pita Black Pepper None
Egg Noodles Flour Eggs None
Fettucini Flour Eggs Black Pepper
Rice Noodles Long Grain Rice Water None
Spaghetti Flour Eggs None
Macaroni Flour Eggs Salt
Lasagne Noodles Flour Eggs None
Beef Broth Sirloin Beef Water None
Chicken Broth Free Range Chicken Water Salt
Vegetable Broth Wild Onion Water None
Mild Salsa Heirloom Tomato Yellow Bell Pepper None
Guacamole Avocado Heirloom Tomato None
Pesto Basil Garlic None
Artisan Bread Dough Olive Oil None
Pita Dough Water None
Corn Tortilla Sweet Corn Salt None
Hollandaise Sauce Lemon Unsalted Butter None
Gravy Beef Broth Flour None
BBQ Sauce Tomato Sauce Sugar None
Alfredo Sauce Parmesan Cheese Heavy Cream None
Cheese Sauce Cheddar Cheese Milk None
Hoison Sauce Long Grain Rice Water Black Pepper
Soy Sauce Soy Beans Water Salt
Teriyaki Sauce Soy Sauce Sugar None
Marinated Beef Sirloin Beef Lime Salt
Marinated Chicken Free Range Chicken Salt None
Marinated Tuna Tuna Lime None
Steamed Vegetables Carrots Russet Potato None
Sticky Rice Long Grain Rice Water None
Smoked Turkey Free Range Turkey Salt None
Smoked Salmon King Salmon Salt None
Corn Meal Sweet Corn Water None
Herbes de Provence Basil Rosemary None
Jerk Seasoning Wild Onion Garlic Black Pepper
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