C9 Taoist Magical Skill Build Guide

C9 Taoist Magical Skill Build Guide by Enji

Hey guys,

Since countless people are asking me every day about my build, I decided to post it.
I’m a (partly) hybrid taoist with magic focus.
Since I don’t have much time at the moment, I will only post screenshots for now, I will explain the skills later.



My gear:

note that my souls/gear is/are far from perfect, also when new souls come @ christmas, I will focus more on attackspeed

For further reference:

my youtube channel -> http://www.youtube.com/user/charlyy1337

Will upload more tao only stuff there soon



Ice Spear -> lvl 1 because I don’t use it (no space in skillbar, but it can be very useful)

Spark Wing -> breaks nearly everything -> obvious max

Dark Calling -> You can counter nicely with it, it gets enemies into the air, I maxed it because of the
nice range, also grants short invi frame

Soul Chaser -> depending on your playstyle you should max it, it can keep enemies occupied

Phantom Wall -> Lvl 1 is enough, it can also stop charges from classes like tao and slayer nicely, it also stuns

Spirit Rage -> Lvl 1 only to travel far distances

Velvet Crasher -> Depending on how hybrid you are, this is either a max or lvl 1 skill, lvl 1 for me because I sometimes use it in combos, to keep the enemy in the air

Tao Stinger -> same like tao flare, but lvl 1 is enough since it does melee damage, also grants short invi frame at initiation and semi-invi frame after the 2nd hit

Tao Flare -> same like Tao Stinger but with big magical damage, obvious max, also grants invi frame but distance seems shorter than Tao Stinger

Mana Blast -> shoots little magic balls, one of the best skills, can also do insane damage

Vera Whirl -> lvl 1, only for combo

Wind Rush -> best skill in the game imo, full invi frame, can break guard/gets enemies in air/can stun

Empower (SuperArmor buff) -> lvl 7 (+1 from hell set), matter of preference, if I had more points I would even max it, especially useful when u wasted ur evasive dash

Energy Storm -> perfect to counter charges, also inviframe (not the whole time though, vulnerable inbetween shortly)

Vera Dash -> max for distance

Velvet Dance -> you can pick enemies from ground with it, it can also stun + it’s invi frame (not the whole time though, like Energy Storm), you could even counter charges with it

Soul Burn -> obvious max, huge damage and enemy cannot use skillbar  action-skills when he gets hit by it

Velvet Spin -> I rarely use it, but you can reflect projectiles with it

Hunting Bomber (all 3) -> I maxed them, because I really like this skill, it can also hit enemies when they guard (if you aim behind them), but it’s a matter of preference

Spirit Charge -> matter of preference, I maxed it, and it does huge damage, but it’s not THAT useful against experienced enemies

Mana Shot -> lvl 1 is enough, some people say it breaks guard together with a soulchaser (not sure)

Mana Missle -> lvl 1, you can often hit enemies with it and they get knocked down, also stuns for a short period of time

Rushing Bite -> matter of preference, I don’t really use it, therefore lvl 1, but when maxed (especially with the addon for it) it grants nice invi frame

Mana Siphon -> lvl 1 is enough, just a grab

Spirit Chain -> lvl 1 is enough, ranged grab + “something else”

Diamond Palm -> lvl 3 needed for windrush, also stuns

Vanish Step -> obvious max for me, it’s a good teleport

Fairy Rose -> lvl 1 is enough, nice combo skill

All attack masteries -> max

Enlightenment -> max, since I like more str + hp

Way of Spirits -> obvious max, gives nice wisdom

Mentalism -> also max, since it gives wisdom and other nice stuff

Focus -> lvl 1, matter of preference, gives int and reduces mana costs

max hp increase -> max, since I like more hp

max mp increase -> lvl 7, you don’t really need more imo, but matter of preference

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