C9 Slayer Combo and Tips Guide

C9 Slayer Combo and Tips Guide by feizalex

I hav made my own new combo Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUumvvjNSQk&feature=youtu.be

My new loop combo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIH9TA3VzrQ&feature=youtu.be

Here some Vid i beat zerk with my 27lvl weapon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfTXF185Q0c&feature=plc

(New Edit) Here The skill calculation for any Class : http://www.c9fans.com/skill-simulator2/slayer.html


Slayer build:

Pasive -att mastery (max)

-Max Hp (max)

-Max Mp (depand on u) sometime u will lost stamina for combo better up it MAX or lvl 7

-Dagger stack ( depand on u) even 5 stack not enough ^^

Action skill:

-turning kick lvl 1

– Twisting flip kick (lvl10 suggestion)

-Ice ball lvl1 (depand on u) success froze increase every lvl i donno how many %?

-Horizon Jack lvl max ( if u hav problem with ranger max it )

-Rout Point lvl 5 ( make blood at 10 will be awesome dmg )

-Ringshear kick lvl 12 or max

-Mortal Chain Cut (PVP and PVE) DMG super to enemy suggest max it

-Delpha Slasher lvl 1 ( depand on u ) suggest lvl 1

-Smash Chase lvl 5 (This skill nice dmg ) max for dmg

-Deadfall lvl 7

-HeartBreaker max (increase range and charge speed not sure )

-Living shadow lvl 5 or max

-Vice sword lvl max

-Blood dance lvl 1

– Chain Scissor Slash lvl 5 (max for dmg) Super amor and destroy semi-super amor

But actually is semi-super amor + destroy semi-super amor (confuse about this)

-Cross Combination lvl max

Command Skill:

– Blaring Silhouette lvl 5

-Sub Class lvl 5 (depand on player)

-Viper Knee kick lvl 10 ( depand on player built )

-Beauty Spin lvl 1 is max XD

-Killer Bee lvl 3 or 2 for save ur skill point

-Falling Angel lvl5 or max (suggest max u will use this every time)

-Cross combination II lvl 3 or max ( sometime miss in 4th hit ) suggest lvl 3

-Darkness Chase lvl 1 or 3 ( not really use full ) suggest lvl 1 or 3

– Spiral Crash lvl 1 or max (i like this skill) max for dmg 3.5k – 5k dmg if critical ^^

Passive :

– Max hp lvl max ( depand on player )

– phy passive must be max

– agile move/att speed must be max

– other then that better dont up XD

Item built Slayer:

For lvl 47 weapon/amor (weapon all the same better chose critical rate)

but some ppl chose att speed for some combo speed it increase ur speed

on Combo…

Amor lvl 47 hav 2 choice Def/Att Built in lvl 47 amor u can get Hell amor and S-Blue

amor the different is Hell amor give u more Health and S-blue give u more STR

Depand on player but amor also hav [Eva] or none the Eva giv u less health and

some Eva ( I dont know wat Eva for? anyone can help? ) My suggetion is None

Eva because they increase ur MAX HP and def  1 Health = 3 def or somthing -.-?

I like Slayer for the 1st time i seen them from last 3 year b4 i can play this now ^^ Really love them and beautifull combo my dream come true XD they r not boring to play

I hope this some guide can make u all better in slayer watch my VID combo and learn it or make ur own i will UP-date if i hav some new combo or how to kill in PVP cya alll Good LUCK

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