C9 Leveling Up 1 to 42 Guide

C9 Leveling Up 1 to 42 Guide by Tartarus

Lv.1 to Lv.12
When you’re level 1, after finishing newbie quests, go to the village and accept all quests, then go to Lv.1 – 4 dungeons, you will get more exp and gold if you choose more difficult level there are four levels now: normal, difficult, expert, master.

PS: usually when you finish normal dungeon once, difficult level will unlock, and finish difficult level one time, expert level will unlock, and so on. If the next level hasn’t unlocked after finishing the last level dungeon a time, do it again.

When reach level 4, go to Lv.4 – 7 dungeons, try to finish Master level dungeons before reach level 8, cause you don’t need to go to these dungeons when you level up, they can’t meet your requirement(that means they can’t provide as many exp and gold as you need).

It’s better to finish all quests while grinding the dungeons.

When reach level 8, go to do Lv.8 – 10 dungeons, when you’re level 10, you can advance to be an elite of your class. And you have to advance, or you can’t go to dungeons. You can visit your class trainning NPC then talk with him/her and advance your class.

After that, you can go to Lv.10 -13 dungeons, when you can clear master level dungeon, you’ll be about level 12.

Lv.12 to Lv.18
You can learn skills first when you’re level 12, then you can go to Lv.14 – 19 dungeon( The Sea Waste Village), it’s mainly for protecting holy water in this dungeon, so you need to kill the monsters around the holy water, use far range skills to kill other distant monsters.

If you’re solo, I suggest you always do difficult level, if you have good equipment and skillful control, do expert level. If you have a four members team, do master level.Until you reach level 18, you can change to do Enchantment Forest dungeon.

Lv.18 to Lv.25

Don’t  rush into buying equipments, because the Lv. 18 dungeon usually only drops Lv.12 equipments. Do difficult level if solo, do master level if you’re in a team,

When reach level 20, you can visit the trainning NPC and second advance your class. I would recomend ddoing the class quests first as you will be more proficient with your class specific skills that way. You can do Dead Temple dungeon.In this dungeon, you have chance to get level 20 equipments, and sometimes you can get blue equipments. The boss of Dead Temple called Skeleton King, you can lead the boss to a small room then start to fight. Go on doing this dungeon when you are level 20 to level 25.

When you’re level 25, Finish doing the remaining necessary quests in the first continent, then you can explore the second continent.

Why not go to other dungeons? Because the monsters and bosses are more annoying and it will take more time.

From level 1 to level 25, remember to accept quests, and don’t forget PvP quests, you can get a lot of exp from PvP quests.

Lv.25 to Lv.35
You are in a new town now, it’s the same, accept all quests, ask some players and make a team, go to Lv.25 dungeon and choose master level. Repeatedly do it until you are level 27. There are two quests in master level of Lv.27 dungeon, three quests in expert level, a quest in master level, remember to do them all.

When you are reach level 29, change to Lv.29 dungeon, if you think master level of Lv.29 dungeon is too difficult, you can do master level of Lv.27 dungeon until you are level 31, then go to Lv.31 dungeon.

After level 31, you will get less exp than before, there are less quests too. So you need to spend a lot of time in doing many dungeons.

There are some Looking for Something/Someone quests, such as it will ask you to find a doggie, they are worth doing.

After level 33, go to Lv.33 dungeon and level up to 35. It’s not much different from level 31 to 32.

Lv.35 to Lv.42
When you are level 35, don’t need to change some better equipment right now, you can go to Lv.38 dungeon and mainly for getting some good equipments. During level 35, there is a quest asking you to go to Lv.35 dungeon and kill the boss.

When you’re level 36, change dungeon right now, and want to say again, remember to accept quests, expert level is recommended, there are too many traps in master level. If you have quests, do the level which the quests ask you to do, if not, do expert level.

After level 38, it’s the same, do expert level dungeons.

So in later period, you only can get a very little exp from quests, you only can do dungeons repeatedly, if you try all dungeons and all difficulty levels, maybe you can find a better leveling up way for yourself.

When you are level 42, you can finish remaining quests, then pack your stuff and leave for the third continent.

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