C9 Hero Support Gifts List

C9 Hero Support Gifts List by Aaka

As requested…

Lv 1: Temperian Set (Cash) + Souls (Cash) + Town Travel Lv 1 (Cash) – [All 7 days duration after equipped]

Lv 5: Head + Shoulders + Chest + Gloves + Legs + Shoes [Grade: magic – Lv to use: 10]

Lv 10: Stamina Booster [50] + 1 Gold Coffer (Cash) + 5 Silver Coffer (Cash)

Lv 15: Weapons and Shields (depending on the class) [Grade: magic – Lv to use: 15] + Basic Training [+50% EXP [2hours] ]

Lv 20: 1 Weapon Spell Stone + Testin Necklace

Lv 25: 1 Antique for sale [10.000 gold at NPCs] + 1 Skill Reset Scroll [1 month duration] (Cash) + Ressurretion Scroll [x5] (Cash)

Lv 30: 5 Magic Enhance Stones + 50 Chaoes Stones

Lv 35: 5 Superior Armor Enhancer + 50 Magic Primer

Lv 40: Chest that will give you a random Elemental Gem III + Ressurretion Scroll [x10] (Cash) + 2 Antique for sale

Lv 45: 1.000 Skill Stones.

PS: I’m not sure if you receive 2 Antique at level 40 or if it’s 1 Antique at 40 and 1 Antique at 45.. I didn’t noticed when I was using :X..


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