C9 Dungeon Stamina Consumption Chart

C9 Dungeon Stamina Consumption Chart by ZethHolyBlade

Took me about 2 months and a half to complete it but here goes….

Hello everyone, I figured it out this would be the best place to post this and share it with the whole C9 community. This is intended to be like uhm Page 1 out of a dungeon (PvE stuff) “encyclopedia” in the long run. You are free to use this information as long as you give credit and recognize the owner.

Every single Dungeon in the whole game, with exception of those Party Quest (i.e. Kratan – Flame of Disaster) and Story-Mode Quest Dungeons (i.e. Jan’s Will) which were excluded, are to be found here along with the ammount of stamina they consume per difficulty level. There are a total 64 dungeons here. Enjoy:


Video Version:

A few things you need to know:

– This project was solo made. Used Microsoft Excell for the task.

– The stamina you see here is based in a ONE (1) man party only (yes was tedious).

– Intrusion Enabled decreases only ONE (1) Stamina.

– 4 People party may decrease another ONE (1) Stamina. (This however doesn’t seem to decrease stamina beneath 3).

– These initial charts will help people to plan their dungeon farming or lvling routes.

– Dungeons that drop GP bags, have rare monsters, rare drops or unique decoration materials, commentaries and observations are to be added later in the future pages of a major project to build the Dungeon Guide.

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  1. can i ask what do you mean by intrusion off and on? and the numbers below them

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