C9 Action Skillbooks List

C9 Action Skillbooks List by boiler


Taoist (physical)

Principles of Stick Fighting, by Hon Stanika (50)

Velvet Smash – Velvet Crasher – Diamond Palm – Spin Smash – Velvet Dance – Tao Stinger

Principles of Stick Fighting, by Patra Vot (57)

Rushing Byte – Fairy Rose – Wind Rush – Tao Evasion

Taoist (magic)

Sticking it to the Enemy, by Patra Vot (50)

Tao Evasion – Energy Storm – Mana Blast – Hunting Bomber I – Tao Flare – Soul Chaser

Sticking it to the Enemy, by Patra Vot (57)

Hunting Bomber I – Hunting Bomber II – Vera Dash


Grasping the Elements, by Vallidora (50)

Phantom Blade – Illusion Wind – Alluring Illusion – Phantom Scythe – Phantom Cry – Phantom Punch


Theoretical Treatise on Spirits, by Beltane (50)

Ball Lightning – Mana Ward – Lightning Bolt – Dark Calling – Salamander – Flare


Winning Arguments for Fun and Profit, by Rose Shine (50)

Blade Cyclone – Hell Scythe Burst – Bone Shatter – Bladed Wing – Hellbound – Death Charge

Winning Arguments for Fun and Profit, by De Cherie (57)

Venom Strike – Death Tide – Velvet Crasher – Hell Breach – Hell Scythe Burst



The Dark Side of the Blade, by Sophie Chandrine (50)

Living Shadow – Blaring Burst – Smash Chase – Cross Combination – Rout Point – Spiral Crash

The Dark Side of the Blade, by Ursula (57)

Fear Throw – Sub Slash – Ringshear Kick – Vice Sword


Approaching Zero, by Rikna (50)

Helldive Smash – Frost Bomb – Divine Assault – Frost Breath – Frozen Flasher – Ominous Fog

Approaching Zero, by Sophie Chandrine (57)

Frost Bomb – Ice Crystal – Ice Ball – Frost Step – Mirage Barrier


Twice the Swords for Twice the Fun, by Elysha (50)

Heel Turn – Oath Breaker – Spin Turn Thrust – Fierce Slash – Black Rose – Violet Cross

Twice the Swords for Twice the Fun, by Onresha (57)

Quixote’s Wrath – Blaring Silhouette – Spinning Heart – Violent Bloom



Lessons in Defense, by Sallam Thermit (50)

Rushing Wind – Crashing Steel – Punishing Uppercut – Iron Skin – Threatening Shout – Double Combination


Balancing on the Edge, by Valter Enul (50)

Upper Swing II – Titan Step – Assault Smash – Rapid Attack I – Shinning Cutter – Flash Strike


Destructive Standards, by Ridarthane (50)

Mighty Slam – Rising Giant – Disemboweling Kick – Giant Swing – Ground Swing – Force Wave


Aggressive Commonalities, by Lantun Sailum (50)

Sliding Takle – Frenzy – Press Kick II – Lion’s Roar – Watermill Smash – Blazing Slash



Be the Bow, by Sarim Karia (50)

Lightning Shot – First Aid – Bomber Shot – Multi-Shot – Granade Shot – Drilling Shot

Be the Bow, by Baker Liforth (57)

Barrage – Replay Shot I – Precise Aim – Freezing Shot


A Murderer’s Manual, by Sean Orf (50)

Eagle Kick – Halfmoon Kick – Slyfall Kick – Double Turn Slash – Vital Trhust – Ankle Cutter


Traps and Gambits, by Brienniak (50)

Multi-Shot – Pumpkin Bomb – Explosive Trap – Speed Aim – Flame Weapon – Blast Ring


How to Travel Incognito, by Reswind (50)

Shadow Step – Vital Spiral – Dual Vital Thrust – Dual Chain Strike – Deceptive Cutter – Riding Slash


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