Arcane Legends Warrior Builds Guide

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  1. VndiLo says:

    How to Leveling fast pvp build??

  2. Seanergik says:

    I’m Stuck with ann of the Dead City.

    My Build is
    WindMill maxed out
    HoR Maxed Out
    Jug 3

    I even Bought lvl 15 Legendary swords and armor, and still cannot get through

    I’ll probably erase this one, and build another.

  3. yash says:

    Mine is
    Vengefull blood maxed out
    Skyward smash 4/5
    Axe throw 4/5
    HoR 3/5
    5 might
    5 dmg

    I choose axe throw coz the target cant hit crits n quite affectiv agnst rogues

  4. Arcane Warrior says:


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