Arcane Legends Leveling Up Zero Death Guide

Arcane Legends Leveling Up Zero Death Guide by MuffinMuch


Tips before leveling:
-Watch your ping. If your spiking avoid killing monsters so you dont end up dieing
-Always have your pet desummoned. (They kill steal – only helpful in tomb,crypt,hauntlet)
-If you wish to solo just add a person to the party and run separate instances
-The best method to solo is find a solo partner wanting to run seperate instances so they can maximize their kills
-Avoid party killing because you cant depend on others when going zero death only yourself
-Focus on strength armor & your other stat for weapon and jewelry unless warrior than all strength. You want high strength when soloing

Level 1-5

Leveling 1-5 even if you want extend this to 1-8 if you want to farm the boss stabb to obtain silver chests (I suggest saving all of them til level 10+). The most effective and cheapest way to level through 1-5 is to go to the first map ,Brackenridge forest, and solo (see tips to learn to solo). After you beat the map continue to Aqueducts than go back to the portal behind to your have a remade map of Brackenridge forest.

I found brackenridge the best leveling til level 8 because it allowed me to gain enough stat points for strength & skill points so later levels I wasn’t so squishy. The monsters in brackenridge do not get any more difficult the higher level you are. Plus I got around 10 silver chests betime level 8 and got my complete armor set for level 10.

Level 5-8

If you decided to opt away from doing brackenridge to level 8 than this is another method which is a lot more potion wasting but if your looking for quicker kills because more monsters than follow this method.

At level 5 you will continue into Aqueducts and run through the level clearing only the monsters (avoid boss if you are looking for quickest kills & exp). Once finished with Aqueducts continue to Village. The reason village is good at this level is because of the more clustered amount of monsters allowing you to utilize your AoE skills for quick killing and exp. In village only kill monsters avoid the first boss and if you wish avoid second boss even though he “spawns” monsters which is a great way to get your kdr up.

I found village to be best from level 8-10 but doing it at 5/6 works almost the same just feels like I’m using a bit more potions than I would of liked. I suggest always skipping the first boss because you will waste more mana potions than you would like for little reward. The second boss is very quick and also if you keep it alive long enough it spawns monsters allowing you to get more quick&easy kills.

Level 8-10

If you decided to opt away from continuing vilage to level 10 than this is another method which is as easy just monsters are not as bunched up as in village.

At level 8 you can proceed from village to the next map named ‘Gold Mine’. This map has a difficult boss so I’d avoid the boss all together and strictly just kill monsters and remake the map. The reason why the boss is so difficult is the high amount of hp, high def, protective shield, and also spawns minibosses. The monsters in this map you will have no trouble with because at level 8-10 you have enough skills to clear them out. The only difference between this map and village is that village’s monsters are more clustered and map is alot shorter allowing quicker kills/exp. The only reason I’d suggest even going to this map is to clear it to go to the next town which gives you access to tomb (great place for KDR).

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