Age of Wulin Book Robbing and Guarding Guide

Age of Wulin Book Robbing and Guarding Guide by v2seraph

Book Robbing

Book robbing is one of the fastest way to make big bucks in short time if you are lucky, you may sell those skills pages for profit or use them yourself.

What is the requirement?
The event starts at 7pm (GMT+8) sharp from Monday to Saturday. You can participate as long as your school is not one of the book robbing venue. You can only get a maximum of 5 books per day.

What can I get?
1 school medal & 1 random skill page of the school you robbed. There’s a small chance to get Nei Gong book as extra reward too!

1) You can eat a special food that increase your move speed (移动速度), such as 九转大肠.
2) You can also drink a potion that increase your Max HP (气血上限) so that you will not die fast in crowd.
3) Do certain life skills such as digging ore, pluck poison grass or chop lumber 5 minutes before event starts. You will get a buff that provides additional move speed & jump height that last for 30 minutes.
4) Make 100% sure you don’t waste your Qing Gong gauge before you got a book, Qing Gong is extremely important when you are escaping.

Getting Started
Click 江湖争斗 > 门派 > 门派夺书. Choose a school and you will be teleported there instantly.

*You can also check for location of the book shelves here, 2 book shelves are randomly placed at 4 possible spots.

If you are new to book robbing, simply follow the crowd and run with them to book shelves. Do not click on the book shelf first if there are a lot of book guards. Take your time and look for a sweet spot such as roof or behind the wall, you can stay pretty far away from book shelf and still able to click on it.

Alternatively, you can look around the school and look for ‘运书弟子’. These offline players also have books on them. (Will refresh every 5 minutes if the book on them were stolen before) Right click on their portrait and choose ‘偷书’, his / her book will then drop on floor. Pick it up and head back to school! Do note that this method is waaay dangerous compared to stealing from book shelves!

Once you have gotten your book, try not to follow the crowd anymore. (Your move speed is reduced if you have a book with you, even when you are riding a horse) You can look for some route where no one is guarding, find a way to leave the school map. You cannot teleport or suicide back to your school if you are still in the school.

Now, if you have a horse, definitely ride your horse and go out of school range. If you don’t have a horse, go to station ‘官驿’ and take a cart instead. Both have its pros and cons. You can avoid most guards if you are riding your own horse, but you are vulnerable to player’s attacks. If you take a cart, you don’t have to worry about players attacking you, but the way to station are most likely guarded by players who are ready to rob the book from you.

Get off your horse / cart as soon as you leave the school map. Suicide or teleport back to your school! Look for ‘门派夺书’ on your map and get your reward!

What if I got attacked?
Well, best of luck if you can’t escape from him, fight back! Try to stay in a party so your party members may come to your help.

Book Guarding

Book Guarding is much harder compared to robbing. You have to kill someone with a book and return the book instead. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay in a party and kill someone together.

To participate in book guarding, go back to your school and click 江湖争斗 > 门派 > 门派护书. You will then see a green icon ‘护’ above you. Killing players in this state does not increase slaughter value.

Keep in mind that killing any players mindlessly will not give you any book! Wait for them to get a book first before killing them. These players with book can be easily identified as they have a book rack behind them.

It is highly recommended to join a small party! A party member can help you gang up on a player or escort you back to the NPC  ‘门派夺书’ to submit quest. Retrieving a stolen book is much much harder as every player, including those of your own school might attack you to rob the book away!

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