Warframe Melee Build Guide

Warframe Melee Build Guide by Zakalwe

Very simple concept I’m having a lot of fun with.

Frame: Excalibur
Loudout: Snipetron or Shotgun, your choice of Melee and Secondary

Mods: whatever your preference is. Your weapon is being used as an execution button, so it won’t need too much power. Perhaps load it with freeze to take down shields quickly? I load my sword with +dmg.

Artifact: I’ve not noticed any major buff with Steel Charge, so take whatever you fancy.

Control scheme:

Mouse 1 – Melee
Mouse 2 – Aim
E – Fire gun

Fluid combo controls by Malkav –
An awesome way to do very quick, fluid combos:
Mouse 3 – Crouch
Scroll up – Jump
Scroll Down – Melee

Try it out on the secondary key slots, the most fluid way I’ve seen to perform samasaults and slide attacks.

Assigning melee to the mouse button makes melee combat feel more fluid. The little trick that gives this build its feel is to take a one shot weapon with you and use it as a cqc execution button. Any shotgun will do, I favour the Snipetron as even though hipfire is inaccurate, at melee range it does all it needs to (plus I get a long ranged attack if things get too heated).

Simple concept: All you need to do is keep the retical on your target while you melee, and tap E when you need a quick kill or to take down shields.

I favour Excalibur simply because of its 1 and 2 skills, they works in perfect synergy with Melee. They get you close to targets to begin your attack, they get you away from targets when things heat up, they help with general traversal, and 1 helps deal with heavy foes and swarms of mobs.

Anyway, this is just meant for fun. I use it while I level melee weapons and it’s become my primary build for lower level  runs. When using burst weapons I tend to go with the standard control scheme, but I don’t see any loss in accuracy switching to the E button with single shot weapons.

Anyway, feel free to feedback.


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One Response to “Warframe Melee Build Guide”

  1. Just thought I’d feedback on this particular setup since I enjoy melee with excal frame. My setup is Aim/Fire remain the same and melee is switched to a mouse thumb-button.

    Then use is changed to ‘e’ like any traditional shooter, reload is ‘r’, and swap weapons is ‘q’.

    If you want to, and you have a mouse with two thumb buttons, you can have my setup for “Slash Dash” being the forward mouse button and melee being the back mouse button. Then set up ‘v’ for “Super Jump” so its right where your thumb would be for a regular jump.

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