World of Warplanes Controls List

World of Warplanes Controls List by CrashTailspin

F1 Press for help in battle
Arrow keys Control the aircraft:
UP: pitch up,
DOWN: pitch down,
LEFT: roll left,
RIGHT: roll right
A, D Yaw Control
A: yaw left,
D: yaw right
Space, Left Mouse Button Fire selected weapons
W, S Engine Boost & Engine Idle
W: boost engine,
S: idle engine
+, – Throttle control
+: increase throttle,
-: decrease throttle
Keys 1-3 Fire weapon type
C Level off aircraft
E Extend Flaps
I Invert Y axis
R Launch Rockets
B Drop Bombs
1 Fire with Weapons Group 1
2 Fire with Weapons Group 2
3 Fire with Weapons Group 3
X Switch to next target
Q Enable Rear View
T Lock Target
Left Tab Show / Hide Team Lists
F Switch to Sniper mode
Right Mouse Button Switch to Free Camera mode
M Show Map
N Map / Radar Toggle
Y Switch to Bombsight Mode
F9 Switch to Standard Camera
Z Enable voice chat
Ctrl Hold: Enable cursor
Enter Enter Chat Mode
Enter (after typing message) Send message to teammates
Ctrl+Enter (after typing message) Send message to all players
F2 Attack!
F3 Follow me!
F4 Back to Base!
F5 Affirmative!
F6 Negative!
F7 Help!
F8 With Reticle on Target: Attacking !
NUMPAD 4 Camera Left
NUMPAD 6 Camera Right
NUMPAD 8 Camera Up
NUMPAD 2 Camera Down
NUMPAD 1 Camera Left and Down
NUMPAD 3 Camera Right and Down
NUMPAD 7 Camera Left and Up
NUMPAD 9 Camera Right and Up
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