Diablo 3 Barbarian vs Monk Tanking Analysis

Diablo 3 Barbarian vs Monk Tanking Analysis by Endgame

In Diablo III, two classes are standing out as the ‘go to’ classes for tanking groups of mobs in a party situation.

As such, let’s take a close look at the Slow Time and Diamond Skin mechanics of the Wizard and how they will impact tanking, and compare them to the cookie-cutter Gargantuan tank build of the Witch Doctor!


Don’t go, I was only kidding!

(Still here?)

Okay, let’s take an ability by ability look at the Barb and Monk and see what to expect for those whose noble job it is to get punched in the head for the sake of their group.

This post will focus on actual damage mitigation. Stuns and knockbacks aren’t as useful situation to situation, so they won’t be addressed. If you’d like them added in feel free to let your thoughts be known, however!

Ability by Ability (* = Rune perk)


Frenzy 8% Life Regen on Kill*

Fists of Thunder 16% Dodge for 2 seconds*
Deadly Reach 50% Armor for 4 seconds*
Crippling Wave 20% Attack Speed Debuff, 20% Damage Reduction Debuff*


Rend 9% Life Leech*
Whirlwind 1% Life Regen on Crit*

Tempest Rush 25% Damage Reduction* or a 20% Damage Reduction Debuff*


Leap Movement Utility, +300% Armor for 4 seconds* 16 yard Enemy Collection*
Sprint Movement Utility, 12% Dodge* or boost Group Movement for 3 seconds*
Ignore Pain 65% Dmg Red for 6-7* Seconds, 20% Life Drain on attacks, Buff Allies, Dmg Reflection

Blinding Flash 30-60*% Elite Miss Chance, 25% Confusion chance
Breath of Heaven 6-7 or 8-9k* Heal, or 1.5 second Fear
Serenity 3-4* Second Immunity, 6-7k Heal*, Ally Buff*, Dmg Reflect*, Projectile Reflect*
Inner Sanctuary 5-7* Second Root(In Reverse), 7k Heal*, 35% Dmg Reduction*


Ancient Spear Pull 1-3* mobs for Mob Collection, 60% Life Leech*
Revenge 5-8*% Life Regen per Enemy
Furious Charge Movement Utility, and 8% Life Regen per Enemy struck*
Overpower Melee Reflect* or 8% Life per Enemy Struck*

Dashing Strike Movement Utility, 20% Dodge for 3 seconds*


Weapon Throw 20% Confusion Chance*
Threatening Shout 20% Damage Reduction Debuff, 15% Attack Speed Debuff* Taunt*, 35% Fear
Battle Rage 5% Additional Health Globes
War Cry 20-40*% Armor, +10% Max Life and 310 Life Regen/sec*, 15% Dodge*, 50% Resistances Buff

Cyclone Strike 24-34* yard Pull, 35% Fear*, 20% Dodge*, 1240 Heal to You and Allies*
Seven Sided Strike Movement Utility, Teleport*
Mystic Ally +10% Max Life, Minion Taunt


Wrath of the Berserker +20-60*% Dodge, +20% Movement Speed, Added Duration*

Mantra of Evasion 15% Dodge, 20% Armor*, 5% Movement*, -20% Snare Duration*
Mantra of Retribution 40-60*% Melee and Projectile* Damage Reflect,
Mantra of Healing 310-620* Healing/second, +10% Max Vitality*, 20% Damage Resistance*
Mantra of Conviction 10% Damage Reduction Debuff, Chance for 300 Heal on Melee*


25% Health Gloves and 100% Heal from them,
Armor increased by 100% of Vitality,
+1% Life Regen/sec when Shouted,
3% Life Leech,
25% Armor and 50% Thorn Damage,
50% Damage Reduction when below 20% Life,
20% Impair Reduction and chance of 15% Life Regen on Stun

25% Damage Reduction Debuff,
15% Dodge when Dual Wielding,
62 Health Regen per Spirit Spent,
1 point Armor per Dexterity,
Dodge increased by 30% of your Crit,
75% Damage Reduction when Stun/Charm/Feared,
Resistance to all elements equal to highest resistance,
Restored to 35% Life on Fatal Hit.

Writer’s Opinion:
Barbarians will thrive in pack tanking, where Revenge will proc endlessly and heal back the damage sustained. Less options available for bosses, where fewer targets means smaller heals.

Monks won’t have the armor and constant healing Barbarians do, but better mobility and Healing independent of dealing damage are big strengths.

I believe that the first Inferno clear that utilizes a Tanking strategy will rely on a Monk – but ultimately more clears will be done – and done faster – with Barbarians

(Including Source if Possible)

Cleave and Rend, with Ignore Pain and Revenge. Armor, Armor, and more Armor.

Crippling Wave, Tons of Mobility and 2 Big Heals.

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