World of Tanks Roles and Replays

World of Tanks Roles and Replays by Garbad

A few months ago I wrote this guide:
World of Tanks Veteran Tricks and Tips

Although well received, I felt frustrated with it because explaining tactics is so difficult to put on paper. With the advent of replays, I decided to add to that guide — not by telling, but by showing. I went through my last few games and pulled out 15 or so of my best, games that I believe demonstrate the skill and tactics that change games. With each match, I list a few things to watch for that to me are difference makers. As with all matches, there are many errors and things I could do better, but the overall impact is there. I tried to get a variety of tanks, although most games are on my Tiger(P) because that was what I was grinding.


Heavy tanks are the brawlers of WOT. They need to crush their opponents in direct fights, as well as to spearhead attacks. These battles primarily demonstrate dogfighting, as well as crushing, timely offensives.

In this battle, my Tiger and others execute a crushing flank attack.

– I move to take up middle position…then see the enemy is pushing hard and immediately relocate to assist.
– Our flank attack crushes them from behind, devastating their push.
– But as they attempt to flank our flank, we turn into dogfighting. Being the last man back, the IS4 goes for me.
– I run from the IS4, instead using my gun to focus on the relatively weaker t8s, helping eliminate them.
– And when the IS4 finally gets the stones to push around and fight me, I die bravely.
– After I die, the T32 facehugs with reasonable effect, then the team mops up.

In this battle, my tiger faces off against multiple t8/9s…on el hallouf.

– I leroy to the water first, then realize we are facing far heavier tanks.
– I fight and stall for a very long time, and although my marksmanship leaves a lot to be desired we whittle away at them and stop the advance.
– Blocks and I do an excellent seesaw attack, eliminating the Object.
– I see the IS4 rushing middle, and move to cut him off and reinforce the weaker northern flank.
– As their tanks fold, we make a push up the hill for the win.
– This is a pretty good example of making a big impact as a smaller heavy tank.

In this battle, I show good hull down fighting in a T29.

– I use hills, rocks, tanks, and other obstacles to protect my weak hull.
– I do NOT, however, completely hide my tank like I would in another vehicle — I want them to shoot, but only at my impenetrable head.
– I push reasonably well and fire on weak points/track shots reasonably well


Above all, a medium tank needs flexibility. These battles are chosen to show good tactical decision making, timely flanks, as well as using speed and maneuver to trump superior armor and firepower.

In this battle, I demonstrate very good assist play as a Pershing.

– Early game, I deny the scout position (note I move middle so the light’s place is within my view range yet I am still reasonably protected from fire)
– Shortly after, I hull down against an IS4 through two bushes (he cannot see me even tho I am close range)
– When I see a potential breakthrough behind us, I relocate to a flank and support, stopping the advance in its tracks.
– I notice the IS4 behind me losing its duel to a VK. I assist, and when I see he is oneshottable and I have HP to spare I throw my tank in between them to take the hit, blocking the VK’s fire and killing him, saving our IS4.
– But now the group behind me is struggling again, so I rush back to help, again flank attacking and stopping the rush.
– I try to save the IS4 again, tracking his opponent in the open.
– Although we are up 6 to 1, our lowe dies stupidly leaving the opponent with a very real kolbonov’s opportunity
– But I proximity light and stall the IS4 long enough for arty to get into position and seal the win
– I use a wide variety of tactics, good flanks, and battlefield awareness to have a huge impact

In this battle, I fight outnumbered against a wolfpack in my T-44.

– When I see that the enemy outweighs us, I retreat back and assume a defensive position.
– We lure the enemy over the ridge, giving us first shot.
– The enemy spreads damage, I focus on eliminating the weakened or key tanks
– I angle my hull and keep it pointed at the enemy, they do not. Although this only bounces a few shots, in the end that’s the difference.
– As they rush me, I split the rush by moving up the hill past them, then eliminate all three of them.
– From here I snipe down a lot of targets (note the constant movement to frustrate arty, plus firing to protect my teammate instead of killing the KV5 first)
– Finally, we converge on the enemy and win a battle that could go either way until right at the end.

In this battle, I fight against multiple heavies in a Type 59.

– I dogfight medium style, including hull down and wolfpacking
– Note my continual aggression, probing and attacking from multiple places


Light tanks put a premium on scouting. These matches are chosen to demonstrate good scouting first, and also to show the unique scavenger approach of a damage dealing light tank.

In this battle, I demonstrate proper scouting in a T-50-2.

– My tank is using binocs, optics, vent, and camo crew for maximum viewing range and camo.
– Watch the difference between me and the other scouts. One suiscouts, the other sits uselessly in base. Only I contribute in any meaningful way.
– Note how I check to be sure I completely covered by bushes from the direction the enemy will approach
– I assume spotting position to see the field and the hill at once
– When I see opportunity to move unseen, I leapfrog forward to better spotting position
– I fire my cannon only when outside the viewing range of the opposing tanks or to finish off a weak target (I’m a bit trigger happy here)
– When I think my position is compromised, I relocate.
– I use my pea shooter to knock down buildings the defenders hide behind.
– Last, I make a run for arty and to flush out the last hiding defenders

In this battle, I fight as a VK-2801, showing a mix of scouting and fighting.

– Note how much more active I am on relocating in the VK than the T-50-2. This is because of the inferior camo of german tanks (aka russian bias) and because of the closer range map.
– I take lots of opportunity derps while avoiding any direct head to head fight.
– Last, a humiliation kill on the arty

In this battle, I demonstrate dogfighting as a Chaffee:

– Mostly this is a lolstomp, but you can see I am active on the field seeking out targets and firing position
– Also, chaffee is beast.


Here is a battle in my Object 704:

– I do not camp, as this would leave my team without their best tank during the decisive moment
– I seek out the primary path of big tanks which is also a funnel to protect my sides
– I play shock and awe at first, crushing their advance
– Ammo rack damage hurts my damage output, but I still flatten their team because all fear the BL10’s kiss


Here is a token battle in my Object 212:

– See the moles, then whack them
– Don’t waste time with relocating or other shit, anything involving skill is optional as arty
– A retarded chimp could play arty; if you can handle this, try an easier game — like pattycakes.


These are battles I thought were pretty good, but not quite good enough to make the cut for the top 3 of each class. The game with the Tiger vs the multiple t8/t9 heavies is very good dogfighting, I think.

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