SWTOR Inquisitor PvP Viable Builds for 1.2 Guide

SWTOR Inquisitor PvP Viable Builds for 1.2 Guide by lukecwalker

So i have been working on some viable pvp builds for 1.2, no we are not dead, and i think we can still kick some butt, the spec that got hit the hardest imo was lightning effusion since you can just spam cl every 6 sec with no fear of going oof, with that being taken away the extra force for non lightning effusion specs should still be pretty decent in the long run since u will not go oof so fast and be forced to just spam force lightning or get out of combat to seeth.

so here are some specs I am going to try out when 1.2 hits…


I am currently using this spec with the exception that i have 0 in force bending to pick up cl, been using it for a long time and out of all the specs i have tried i love this the most, resurgence may not seem like much but having a decent cheap hot you can spam is not only great for survivability, but being able to keep yourself topped off from small amounts of damage here and there is where it shines, instead of being forced to los and heal when u get low you just stay topped off, and for solo it is amazing. This is one spec that will not be hurt that bad by the nerf, because currently when i do spam cl a lot i go oof, and I am forced to seethe, and carefully manage my force, in 1.2 you will have much more force not being able to cl anymore and the one point in force bending is going to be nice for a little extra heal, there is some options with the talents when it comes to the lower areas of the trees, you can change up lightning for more force in exchange for lower duration of affliction or less shield absorption, move around talents in healing for nukes that are better casted when attacked instead of the extra death field damage, or 2% healing, madness talents can be moved for harder hitting shocks less healing from parasitism, or more or less stun cd.

In most of the builds I am going to post you can find these talents optional and movable, for your preference, and it is preference; there is no right way, some are going to be better for some situations then others.


Seems like a weird spec haven’t tried it out myself, but i hear it is solid on live, and in 1.2 it will still be pretty decent since it doesn’t eat much of the nerf, same theory as the spec above your taking some survivability over dps, cause you can’t dps when you are dead, don’t expect to do crazy burst, or high damage in wz’s but you will be a super annoying invincible mobile turret. Seems fun and will probably be viable.


Good old lightning effusion build, will be hit very hard in 1.2 of course since it just pumps out constant cl’s with the benefit of never going oof, but will still be nice in 1.2 good utility and cc, great damage never come close to going oof ever, so feel free to spam shock till your hearts content.


same as above but you take points out of madness for 1 sec cast whirlwind, yes not as good as instant, but if uninterrupted save you a nice .5+ alacrity seconds on a the cast witch is nice too, 10% extra damage on death field and force storm, which is good cause now that cl is dead force storm will most likely be viable for this build since you get the extra force, and the nice thing about it is it has a much larger radius then cl, and it slows people, the extra crit is great, and the faster di casts, are nice when you los heal to help get off a cast that you normally wouldn’t have and to help you get back in the fight sooner.


good old 28 point madness, once again this build on live hit’s hard but will go oof fast since cl uses up so much force, in 1.2 you will see less burst and aoe, but in longer fights the extra force will be extremely nice, the hardest hitting dot’s you can get plus hard hitting death field crits, and lightning barrage will make this the best single target burst spec for sorcs, feel free to take the one point out of corruption and one out of creeping death for electric binding, because electric binding is extremely powerful in pvp, especially when u can get a kock back and a 5 sec snare on 3,4 or 5 people while your ball carrier walks right into the goal line. You will have a big smile on your face when you are geared out line up death marks on a guy dot him up then hit him with a double dipped lightning barrage attack with trinkets and recklessness up and just watch him melt right before your eyes.

Last and most likely least are the pure builds 31 point lightning and madness spec’s, might be decent in the right hands, lightning can actually put out amazing burst when the lucky proc stars align. and you lightning strike till you get your cl proc with affliction up and lightning barrage, then pop relic+polarity shift+adrenal, thundering blast, then recklessness cl xfingers for forked lightning, then a force lightning.

The other day i was in a wz with someone going pure lightning and he was really bursting me down hard when we had shoot outs, but i was able to kite resurgance then come back to kick his butt when he didn’t have procs and cd’s to pop, which is the big weakness of this spec, total lack of damage when you do not have cd’s plus procs, no mobility and poor survivability, some people might still like it, and it will have great aoe capability’s, but imo the cons out weight the pros, even though that guy manage to burst me down much harder than I could burst him down, I still manage to pull 550k in a huttball while he was at about 250k, this spec just really needs work.

then there is full madness, the only advantage this has over a 28 point madness spec is the root on creeping terror, which is a very strong cc, 2 sec root on a 9 sec cd with 30m range is pretty powerful, especially in huttball for rooting people on fire with full resolve, the spec will actually be pretty viable, but i cannot see myself going that route until they fix the double dip on lightning barrage, the burst is just simply too powerful to pass up imo.

Hope this guide helps feel free to try out these specs adjust them to your preference and post your opinions, I 1.2 we will be nerfed super hard but with the right spec and play style you will be able to over come this and still be viable.

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