Dragon Nest SEA Adept Alchemist Academic Builds Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Adept Alchemist Academic Builds Guide by Chronicle


Instead of titling this section “Foreword” or anything else which sounds nice, I’ll rather warn you to use this guide at your own discretion. Of course, I’ll do my best to provide information as accurate as possible, but should you go wrong somewhere, it’ll not be my fault. After all, this is my playstyle and perhaps it might not suit yours. Some parts may be wordy, so go ahead and tl;dr. Bottom line-do not follow blindly.

This guide is only for T3 update. When T4 changes are confirmed, I’ll do a change and a prediction, then after that I’ll update everything to T4 version.

If you’re looking for a “good” character, then I suggest you to play some other jobs/classes. The path of an Alchemist is not for the weak, seeking “Which is better in PvE and PvP? X or Y class?” and constantly asking why they are not as effective as some other DPS class or whatever excuses to seek an OP class(We aren’t a DPS class thank you very much.)
Introductions-The path of an Alchemist:

An Alchemist focuses on dealing elemental damages, and so far is the only class who wields all types of elemental spells(Dark, Fire, Light,Ice). The alchemist is a master of it’s own kind- Jack of All Trades. Unfortunately, that also means master of none.

Although an Alchemist have all kinds of elemental spells, most people will try and focus around 2 to 3 elements only. Dark might be the most favourable since it is the element that can be stacked most easily. However, Ice and Fire are not to be underestimated, as there are many Dark resist mobs after all. More on this later.

Word of caution-An Alchemist does not come cheap. Intel, M.Atk, Elemental %, Crit and maybe FD(Highly optional. I even doubt you have spaces for it.) The Engineer line is cheaper since they use Agi for their P.Atk, and Agi itself gives Crit. They also do not have any elemental %. Feel free to jump into the Engineer bandwagon if you don’t feel like paying that much, but be warned that Engineer is a DPS class, and hence those with FD are more favored. Our FD is optional :)

Our Weaponry:

The Bubble Gun and Elastic Glove.

Third Job/Second Job Advancement:

From an Alchemist, you can advance to either an Adept or Physician at Lv45. An Adept focuses more on the Fire and Ice elements, while a Physician focuses more on Light and Dark elements. While an Adept is more offensive by nature, a Physician is more supportive(Healing, debuff clearing, debuffing etc.)



Requirement: Lv45
CD: 22s
Fire Element
118.8% + 116

Throws a flask with alcohol (Btw, C2H5OH is Ethanol.) at enemies. If targets are hit, all elemental resist of the targets reduces by 5%. 30% target’s attack is negated. 15s duration. At Lv2,119.7% + 202, elemental resist reduces 7%, negate at 33%

Magma Punch EX

Requirement: Lv47
Enhances the AoE(“Animation Growth”) and damage by 30%

Ice Beam

Requirement: Lv50
CD: 43s
Water element
758.4% + 2657

Shoot a strong beam of ice linear to character is facing. High chance to freeze enemy. Obtain 1 Phantom after usage.Can freeze stack using this skill


Love Virus

Requirement: Lv45
CD: 19s
Dark Element
219.3% + 664

Inject Virus Inject virus which will cause confusion into enemy. Confused enemy will be able to inflict damage on friendly targets and unable to deal damage to you. Increase mag dmg received by10% (lv2 = 13% ). Last for 6sec.note:

* this skill has high SA break
* all major nest bosses are immune to this love sick effect.

Injector EX

Requirement : Lv47
Enhance AOE, increase damage by 20%, increase healing amount by 1%HP. Heal surrounding party members within 5m by 8% of the alchemist’s mag attack.note:
* injector EX healing effect only applies if you hit something; no target = no healing
* the healing effect stated is 8% of mag attack PER HIT; the aoe healing effect is actually 8% of mag attack x 5 times since this skill will deal 5 healing hits.

Heal Shower

Requirement: Lv50
CD: 60sec

Heal allies. The amount varies with number of phantoms.  Each phantom gives additional 15% more mag % of the skills. Consume all phantoms.

Adept vs Physician: Will Physicians be more favorable in Nests and Raids than Adepts?

By theory, yes. Anyone will want someone to heal just to feel safer. They will put the healing potential up as 1st priority. After all, “Safety First” no?

However, Adepts are still wanted due to their ability to freeze(Ice Beam). This increases the DPS of the whole party.

What I’m trying to point out here is that Adepts do have their usefulness as Physicians. Depending who you bring in a party also means what kind of teamplay you want it to be. For example, by bringing an Adept, you want more DPS, and hence the “Best defense is a good offense.” If you bring a Physician however, you’re playing more defensively.

Pros and Cons of an Alchemist


-Have buffs for the whole party(e.g. ****tail)
-Has a slime that has a high chance to freeze
-Many status inflicting skills
-Have a self-healing skill(Injection) Selfish…
-Decently mobility
-Able to use elemental % to boost damage
-Intel Suffix users
-Quite low CD and decent cast time that isn’t too long…
-Powerful Ultimates
-Powerful Poison Detonating skill
-Quite decent DPS considering it is a support class
-No hybrid(e.g. of Hybrid are SM and BM)
-Cute 8D


-Managing Phantoms counter is a necessity to maximize our damage.
-Our only AoE heal for Alchemist is Sacrifice, and the utility sucks. More on this later.
-Dangerously close ranged attacks
-Low HP by default unless pumped…hence squishy
-Need a lot of $$$$

My build is for PvE purposes, widely spread out within Dark, Fire and some Ice. This is not a pure elemental focus build.

My build is pumped such that I’m spamming the Lv25+ – Lv32 skills like Magma Wave and Mixed Infection…and I have dual ultimate for utility.

Academic Skills:

Triple Shot: Requirement to get Magma Punch. A filler skill when all other skills are in CD.

Air Shot: Mostly used for breaking stuffs. Leave it at Lv1.

Napalm: Requirement for Stun Grenade. Filler skill as well. Will do decent damage due to Fire Element %.

Stun Grenade: For utility purposes only-Lv1.

Force Out: Not a very useful skill imo. Get it if you want. More for PvP usage.

Wax: Speed Boost purposes. Necessary to leave it at least @ Lv8 or maxed.

Bubble Shot/Bubble Bubble: Lv1 for utility purposes only. Optional.

Automat: For 0 SP, you summon your very own personal vending machine which pops out food! No coins needed! Very unreliable too! Please do not get the ring for it-the food does not increase.

Alchemist Skills:

Summon Slime: Left it @ Lv1 because of SP constraint and I don’t want to waste SP just to cut cooldown. Increasing levels does not increase damage of slime. Max 2 slimes per Alchemist.

Sacrifice: Sacrifice requires the need to have the slime in a battle, which means that the slime cannot be sacrificed outside battle(I.e. no enemies/mobs). The heal is low, the requirements for using this skill sucks, so no.

Magma Punch: Lv11 for Magma Punch EX. Did not maxed due to SP constraint. Max if you want. Our main spam skill.

Injector: Needed to go down Physician Line. Heals for a bit of HP. Good skill to gain phantoms only. Left at requirement Lv.

****tail: Highly recommended to max. Party skill.

Ice Punch: Useful for chaining and Phantom obtaining. Left at Lv1.

Fire Pillars: Quite a high DPS skill, provided you can score all the pillar hits…left at Lv2 only because most of the time you’ll only score half of the circle hits on boss.

Icicle Massing: Useful for slowing enemies and ice resist. Utility skill.

Poison Charging: Mobility skill. High damage growth, but didn’t add more than requirement due to SP constraint.

Disease: Useful to poison enemies then chain with Poison Break after that.

Magma Wave: This skill is lagfest! Massive AoE and Damage. Maxed for damage. I added this instead of Pillars because you can surely score all hits on bosses.

Ice Palm: Useful for another damage dealing summon…

Mixed Infection: Good for poisoning enemies.

Sleep: Life saver in some situations…

Eureka: Increase stats. That’s about it…

Alchemy Phantom Strengthen-Element: 100% chance of gaining an extra Phantom for using Fire/Ice Skill. You’ll need loads of phantom consumption for loads of skills…

Icicle Explosion: Adept Ultimate. Fast casting.

Poison Pool: Physician Ultimate. Massive damage, having iframes…imba!


C2H5OH: Let’s learn a little chemistry :) C2H5OH is Ethanol. Lowers enemy’s elemental resist. Good to pump everything.

Magma Punch EX: Larger AoE and more damage. It makes Magma Punch more useful than it was. Punch punch punch spam spam spam!

Ice Beam: Your 100% freezing skill(The % is so high). Shatter and freeze and shatter! Powerful.


You might want to alter it to a Fire inclined build or a Poison inclined build. Or you like this build but do not like to rely on the Mixed Infection, but rather would love to abuse the Poison Break detonation. Go ahead and swap the Mixed Infection points to Poison Break.

More skills builds made by Yak here. Dark Detonation abuse build here.

For a Lv40 build, Yak’s one is actually good and can also move on to my build.

What are Phantoms(DNSEA Translation: Bubble) ?

Phantom is actually a feature/system unique to Alchemist. It is a counter where you’ll gain in some skills, while using it to use other skills. The management of counters is necessary for an Alchemist for maximum damage output.

No Phantoms-cannot summon slime.

Use Magma Punch, 1 Phantom.

Use Injector, 2 Phantoms.

Summon Slime, 0 Phantoms(Due to consumption of 2 phantoms)

Phantoms will go on a cooldown if they are not refreshed.

Regarding Phantom

* Phantom is actually not some sort of summon.

* It is a buff/counter that appear under your hp/mp bar, along with other buffs icon.

* The phantom counter will expire after 60sec (credits to perfecti for testing it)

* Max of 10 phantom counters

Phantoms will be needed for some skills to increase damage/utility

Phantoms consumed will be accordingly(e.g. If you use 6 Phantoms to create a slime and you have 8 phantoms, you’ll only consume 6 phantoms)

Animation growth of an Alchemist:

What is animation growth? Animation growth is when the skill increases in size/hits. For example, FU’s Blackhole increases it’s size at Lv4, while it’s Summon Comet increases it’s size at Lv5.

That said, the animation growth of an Alchemist differs from all other classes.

The requirement for Alchemist’s animation skill growth is not about the level of a skill, but rather the consumption of phantoms. Lets take Magma Wave for example. Watch some of 半糖’s Adept gameplay videos, and compare them with this.


For suffix, it’ll be similar to a Sorceress.

Intel on Helm

HP on other parts of the Armour. If you want more damage, more Intel.

Intel for both weapons.

Hidden Potentials(General):

For armours, necklace and earrings, aim for : Intel/Vit/Agi and HP%.

For weaponry and rings, aiming for elemental pots is cheaper, but if you can afford it, 5.8% and 17% crit.

Heradries Suggestions:

Skills (Some of my recommended ones)

-Magma Punch (CD). For Phantom racking.

-Magma Wave(Damage)

-Ice Beam(CD)

-Poison Break(Dmg)

-****tail(Duration) I just found out that we have the 90s duration version. So we actually do have the updated patch for Alchemists. Until T4, ****tail is not a need..

-Ultimates(Damage only)

-Icing Mass(Dmg)

-Magma Wall(Dmg)


I think almost anything can be used. Just don’t aim for Injector, Slime and all Passives.











.FD(Highly optional and dependent.)

I’ve listed around 9 here, so you need to drop one. Personally, I’ll drop Wind or M.Def.

Which element to choose?

Most people by default will think that Dark should be the element to go. Unfortunately, that is somewhat true to a certain extent only.

The power of Fire and Ice are not to be underestimated.

半糖 did a test regarding this.

One of the restrictions is 2min DPS time only. Another one is “Do not consider the element of 33% precipitation anti-”

In 2 minutes:

Dark>Fire>Water(Most thrown Dark)

Fire = Dark > Ice (Most thrown Ice)

But now, if the team has an Accelerator, the dps output increase of Fire is significant. (An accelerator, FYI, is a character that boost the DPS of the party. This includes ELs that freeze/freeze stack, Acro’s Spirit Boost, and FU’s Time Accel)

Without considering the most skills thrown or anything, by theory, Fire = Dark > Ice

But we want equipment possibilities to be added into the equation. What happened? Dark becomes the dominating one because of Tough Accessories, and Dark is the easiest to stack among all other elements.

Now that’s where the mainstream thinking that Dark is the best come from.

However, realistically speaking, Dark is also the element where most mobs are resistant to. There are more mobs which are resistant to Dark than Fire.

In a situation where “Plus the element aperture. Precipitation in anti-33% magic guide” + accelerator.(Google Translate fails. So does my chinese), the 2min DPS will become Fire > Ice > Dark (Most thrown Ice)

So now, Fire is dominant because 1. The DPS increases the most among all other elements(You’ll definitely bring an accelerator to Raid, maybe Nest) and 2.A lot of mobs are weak to fire!

Now, what I’m trying to highlight here is that Fire is not as weak as you think. I didn’t say that pumping Dark is not practical or not viable, it’s just that you shouldn’t eliminate the possibility of pumping Fire. Hence, instead of going Pure Dark or Pure Fire, I want them both.

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