C9 Witchblade Warden Basic Guide

C9 Witchblade Warden Basic Guide by xxtysonxx

I’ve decided to make basic introductions for newbies of C9 and help them with the decision of pick a class, I picked warden first because I think they are sexy. Anyway…..

Warden is a branch of Witchblade that you can choose at level 20. They focus of water damage/freezing attacks to give themselves an advantage in a fight. Although they wield a dagger and a sword many of their skills involve casting, leaving their melee weapons for defense or chaining.

Weapons (Dual Wield):
Dagger in left hand
Rapier in right hand

Base Stats (Increase per level, based on a scale of 10):
Str: 14 (med)
Wis: 23 (high)
Sta: 11 (med)
Int: 12 (med)

Fighting Style:

Freezing/Water damage

All Warden skills (exception of 1 or 2 without freeze blade on) involve
a.) Freezing chance and b.) Water affinity damage

Key Skills:
-Freezing Blade : Adds additional water damage and chance to freeze to every attack
-Wall of Ice: Create a physical barrier to absorb all attacks that hit it, can also damage those its summoned under
-Fog and Mirage: 2 defensive skills that null damage and help you escape
-Frost ball: Exactly like an elementist’s electric ball, except each hit adds a chance of freezing the opponent

Ultimate Skills:
-Blizzard: Huge AoE with shards that cause bigger explosions at higher levels (see below videos)

-Ice Dragon (level 50, only used during with max fury): Contently attacks targets with an ice dragon and then launches them very high in the air

PvE Video:

PvP video:

Yes, the warden did lose, but it was close and this is mainly to show an example*

Why I should be a Warden:
-Mid-Long range combat
-Freezing is effective in PvE and PvP
-Balanced Stats

Why I Shouldn’t be a Warden:
-Casting times (aka you can be interrupted)
-Freezing chance and Water damage are terrible at lower levels
-Specialized, meaning any nerd with alot of water resistance can cut your damage output
-Little melee skills aside from Witchblade common skills

That is my introduction the Witchblade class of Warden

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